What Do I Need to Move to South Africa?


Heading to South Africa, mate? What an experience this will be for you. When you move to South Africa, you’ll enjoy beautiful scenery, rare wildlife and vibrant, amazing people. But before you head off on your once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ve got to check off a few essential things first. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of what you need to move to South Africa.

Documents and health records

It’s not the most glamorous part of moving internationally, but it sure is one of the most important. Make sure you bring documents like birth certificates, visas, passports, licenses and keep them all in one safe folder when you move to South Africa. Health records are particularly important, especially if you take regular medications or have any special conditions. Don’t forget to grab copies of your dental records so that your new dentist has an idea of what’s been done with your teeth in the past.

The right wardrobe

The climate in South Africa can differ depending on where you are. For example, are you on the south coast or further north? Thankfully, it’s not too dissimilar from our climate. Winters are usually a bit chilly, but not too cold, and summers tend to be warm but not stinking hot. Make sure you pack appropriate attire for whichever season that you’re moving in.

Knowledge of languages

There are a couple of different languages to get your head around when you move to South Africa. The national language in South Africa is English, but people may speak Zulu and Afrikaans, depending on which part of the country you’re living in. It’s important (and fun) to learn a little bit of both and to learn the slang that’s commonly used in South Africa.

A taste for different foods

One thing you need when moving to South Africa is the willingness to try other cuisines because South Africa’s cuisine is a bit of a blend. From traditional African dishes to the salty barbecued meats influenced by their Dutch colonial history, you’ll find something tasty everywhere you go in South Africa.

A top-quality moving company

The last thing you’ll need when moving to South Africa is the help of a great moving company. Not all moving companies will be experts in moving people from New Zealand to South Africa, so make sure you choose a moving team who are experienced in global moves.

In South Africa, you’ll eat like a king, explore like a king and party like a king. And if you’re after a royal moving service, contact the guys at The Moving Company! They’re experts in moving Kiwis to South Africa and will be able to help you do the same. Grab a quote from The Moving Company today and start your new South Africa life.

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