Maximising Your Move: Strategies for Buying and Selling in Auckland’s Fluid Property Market

Auckland is a dynamic, world-class city, home to some thriving industries and a tourism and hospitality market that has weathered some pretty intense storms over the last decade and come out at the top of its game. Now more than ever, the opportunity is there for the taking when it comes to maximising your move by utilising smart strategies for buying and selling in the Auckland property market.

If you are looking to buy or sell in Auckland, you will need Auckland house movers when it comes time to shift in or out of your property. The Moving Company stays abreast of developments in the local property market, and we have been Auckland house movers for 37 years. We have seen a lot of shifts in the market, and we have undertaken thousands of moves for homeowners at different junctures in their buying and selling journey.

Here, we have put together some ideas for strategies you might employ to maximise your sales or purchase. These are tips we have picked up after years of dealing with people moving in and out of their properties, and we have included some ideas to ensure you can make the most of your opportunities as you continue your property journey. 


Navigating Change With Your Auckland House Movers

As Auckland house movers, our days are spent dealing with people entering the property market for the first time, those who have owned and lived in many properties over their lifetime and customers on an upward trajectory in the property game. All of these individuals and families have insight; some learned through hard knocks, and others discovered by keeping a finger on the market’s pulse as it fluctuates. 

The Auckland property market is notoriously fluid, meaning if you want to maximise your move, you need to keep an eye on several factors, including supply and demand land ownership policy changes and prevailing or shifting economic conditions.

Popular Strategies for Buying

For first-time buyers trying to get onto the property ladder, the name of the game is innovative thinking. The days of an individual or a couple saving a deposit and buying a dream home in a dream area are sadly a thing of the past. Without a substantial kickstart via inheritance or a high income, most couples or singles will need to think outside the box when it comes to building a portfolio or even getting the house they want in the area they want. So, what are some of the strategies that are working when it comes to buying towards your goals?

The Stepping Stone: Buying Outside of Auckland

While you may be chomping at the bit to get out of a rental situation, in the longer term, renting close to work in Auckland and buying investment properties in less expensive regions can be a great way to maximise your buying power. Taking on a smaller mortgage to start with and collecting rent to pay that mortgage off quickly can put you in a good position to leverage your way into a second cheaper property out of Auckland. Once you have two properties paying for themselves elsewhere, getting on the ladder in Auckland will get easier.

The Worst House on the Best Street

This one is an oldy but a goody, and as house movers in Auckland, we see a lot of young couples with DIY skills or backgrounds in trades doing well off this strategy. If you can find a doer-upper in a good area and you have the skills to get it up to a great standard, you then have a great home in a great neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can sell it on at a tidy profit and start looking for the same scenario again.

Popular Strategies for Selling 

If you are ready to move on, move out, or move up in the world, you will need to ensure you do everything you can to maximise your sales price. The market is heading into a downturn, and a cash buyers’ market is emerging, with a glut of homes for sale. So, if you want to win, you need to compete.

Choose a Sales Method

Private Sale

While the most common way to sell is through a real estate agent, you could sell your house yourself if you want to maximise your profit. Lots of people utilise Trade Me for this option, and while there are definitely pitfalls, substantial savings can be made with the right approach. You will need to do plenty of research, and you should definitely engage a lawyer to make sure you understand your rights and obligations. 

Agency Sale

If you decide to use an agent, shop around. Remember that you have the power in this situation, and the agent works for you. Ask friends and family to find out about good and bad experiences they may have had, and be sure to get 100% clarity about fees and costs before you sign anything – you need a lawyer in this scenario, too.

Preparation is Key

As Auckland house movers, we have heard some great success stories about the power of property prep when it comes to getting a good price. This will look different for every property; some may need a major overhaul—in which case you need to weigh up the return on investment—while other properties may just need buyers to visit at a particular time of day to show them in their best light. 

While you should never be dishonest when selling a property, it’s okay to be strategic. Classic moves like removing all your personal items and placing them in storage or having a staging company bring in contemporary furnishings can go a long way towards maximising the potential price.


The Moving Company – Moving in Auckland Made Easy!

When you have been in the business for as long as we have, you gain an understanding of how to strategise for buying and selling in Auckland’s fluid property market. We have had the privilege of being the Auckland house movers residents use to move around the country – and around the world.

We love to hear your story about where you are and where you need to go. We offer a comprehensive service that can include packing and unpacking. Our service partners can assist with additional moving services such as pet relocations, cleaning your property, and organising every detail of your move to the US, South Africa, Australia, or the UK.

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