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The Moving Company utilises a broad range of moving boxes and packaging materials designed for optimum protection, cushioning and strength during the moving process.


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The Moving Company is your furniture removal company for major house lots and relocations between New Zealand regions. We also move you safely overseas, with relocation experience to the US, Australia, and the UK.

We are looking for a furniture moving company you can trust for a big move? We can help. Ask about our removalist and household goods relocation packages — let’s get you moving!

The Moving Company

Our Furniture Moving NZ Process

We can take care of the entire relocation process. Leave the professional packing and moving to us. Our move consultants will visit your home at your convenience to complete an in-home appraisal. In addition to our relocation services, we offer competitive storage options, movers insurance, pet relocation services and more.

Complete Packing Services

When you use The Moving Company as your specialist furniture moving service, you get superior packing services to an international standard. We pack large items like mattresses and couches in heavy-gauge plastic bags, carefully shape-wrap your whiteware and stainless steel appliances, and tub-wrap your stemware and high-risk breakables.

When you are relocating overseas, we take extra care. We have specialised materials and techniques for crating and packing artwork, antiques, high-value breakables and other fragile items. Additionally, we have designed our own range of cartons for moving bikes, golf clubs, clothes on the hangar, priority items and flat-screen televisions.

Loading Your Truck or Container

Loading and stowing for relocation needs a professional touch to ensure your valuable items are safe and secure through local or international transit. When we shift your belongings from city to city by truck, we use dedicated furniture removal pads and your items are securely stowed and strapped to offset vehicle movement. 

When you are shifting overseas, we load your international shipping container for you, securing your container with high-density steel locking bolts.

NZ Valet Unpacking

Moving day can be stressful, so we offer a professional unpacking service for your whole-house furniture removal. The Finishing Touch unpacking service will head to your new location and organise your home before you arrive. 

This is a great way to ensure your move feels like an adventure instead of a headache!

Inventory Service

As we pack up your home, we record every item on an itemised inventory list. You can make this available to customs if you are relocating overseas. If you are moving from city to city or region to region within New Zealand, we will use this comprehensive list to allow you to check off every item as you unpack.

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We provide smooth, streamlined relocations and house lot moves across New Zealand and to cities around the globe, including the UK, USA and Australia. If you are ready to get moving, get in touch now.

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