The Moving Company utilises best practice planning, specialised equipment and staff training programmes to benefit your business relocation, with superior and informed office moving services designed to ensure your business is operating on the next business day.


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Office Moving 

Our team understands business moving. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation that is of superior quality and value for money. Our office moving reputation is built on satisfied and repeat corporate customers’ recommendations. We look forward to providing our service for you.

Pre-Move Planning and Project Management

The ultimate success of your move can be measured in a number of ways ranging from moving on time and within budget, to the impact on staff productivity during this busy time. The Moving Company provides pre-move planning and management to ensure your business is operating and your customers are receiving the service they demand from you.

Move Manager

It’s the small things we know through experience that make the difference, like parking meter hoods to ensure reserved parking for our trucks at move time. The Moving Company will appoint a move manager to prepare a customised plan in conjunction with you, covering timelines, floor layout with colour coded labelling, packing requirements, staff briefings, post-move follow up, and insurance protection. Our business recognises the importance of keeping businesses operating, so we’re available night and day, weekends and public holidays, with a 24/7 service (by scheduled arrangement).


Security of your equipment and premises is paramount throughout your moving process. To protect confidential business information, our staff wear branded uniforms, immediately identifying them as The Moving Company employees. Team leaders are dependable with lift keys and building security passes. Additional security measures can be customised to meet your requirements.


Just as it is normal to insure your business assets, it is highly recommended to cover your office furniture and equipment whilst in transit or storage. The insurance industry recognises The Moving Company as an experienced professional team within New Zealand’s moving industry, allowing us to offer a full range of comprehensive all risks insurance. We offer options customised to your requirements at very competitive premiums.

Professional Packing

Most companies involve their employees in the pre-packing process, having them pack the contents of their desks and workstations, however each move is unique. The Moving Company offers pre-move packing for boardrooms, kitchen glassware, crockery, artwork and the sequential packing of libraries, store rooms, file rooms, cabinets and bookshelves. We supply unique packing materials, such as priority cartons for those really important items and bits and pieces, such as computer cables, keys and the like. We use poly-bubble for surfaces needing the ultimate in transit protection as well as covers for office chairs and computer monitors.

Specialist Equipment

The Moving Company has the equipment needed to safely move sensitive items such as servers, copiers, scientific equipment, artefacts or those heavy items like safes, fire proof cabinets and vending machines. Specialist equipment such as hydraulic lifters, four-wheel trollies, sammies, and computer monitor bags all ensure the safety of your furniture and equipment and our staff during the moving process.

Asset Storage/Disposal/Redistribution

During the moving process, it is common for surplus furniture to be stored or redistributed nationwide for new projects or additional staff. The Moving Company offers high security storage within Customs and Ministry of Agriculture certified facilities giving you control of how to best utilise that asset. For those assets not required, we can arrange disposal via auction. All items are numbered and an inventory prepared showing asset reference numbers.

Additional Services

We appreciate your time is valuable, so we offer a full range of additional services to free you from time consuming and potentially stressful tasks associated with moving:

  • Dismantling and reassembly of shelving systems and reception units
  • Furniture dismantling and reassembly
  • Hanging artwork or whiteboards
  • Minor building alterations
  • Records management and document destruction
  • Waste removal
  • Specialised crating for fragile, delicate or valuable items

Pre Moving Office Checklist

Click here to view our pre-move office checklist to assist you in planning the perfect move of your business

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