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The Moving Company operates its own dedicated fleet of purpose-built furniture moving trucks and export quality shipping containers, allowing complete flexibility in scheduling your move anywhere in New Zealand.


Moving & Storage Within New Zealand

If you are currently planning a local or domestic move within New Zealand, congratulations on your new adventure!

We would love to be of service to you. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve seen our distinctive, super-sized furniture vehicles on the nation’s highways. After all The Moving Company provide nationwide removals and storage services and have been moving kiwis to and from every corner of Āotearoa, NZ for over 35 years.

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The Moving Company – Well Connected Nationwide

The Moving Company’s primary office and warehouse locations are in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. What you may be unaware of is that we are a foundation member of New Zealand’s largest Removals Group.

Our removals group are not strangers, to each other. We share a 100% kiwi ownership structure, an extensive branch network and integrated IT and operating systems. Our 15 branches are strategically located from the Far North to the Deep South. What this means is that we can provide fully managed, quality, and competitively priced removal and storage services to and from every corner of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Experts In Our Field

We want you to know that The Moving Company are the very best in the business. Our long history of success is built upon having great people! We have an outstanding team of Packers, Drivers and Move Management Specialists, many with over 20 years of The Moving Company experience.

It’s well known that moving is an anxious time, we understand that help is often needed to make life easier. We don’t forget about you once we’ve packed out your house and are on the road. Quality lines of communication are maintained for the full ‘lifetime’ of each individual relocation. Our objective is to ensure you start living at your new home before our job is done.

With this level of experience and a large fleet of furniture trucks and trailers we are the first port of call for customers with large homes or unusual and complex circumstances. Whether you have a penthouse apartment requiring crane services, high value personal effects, a difficult access or are moving to a remote location we have the expertise to meet any needs.

Moving within NZ

Furniture Moving Across Town or Inter-City

We have over 125 furniture trucks on the road, many with the capacity for three or more households in one vehicle. It’s no surprise that we specialise in ‘BIG moves’. Whenever possible we attempt to have the same driver for your entire journey, from loading out at origin to delivery at destination.

Our Long Distance Drivers are the best stowers in the industry! It’s very comforting for our customers to know that the person who loaded out their personal effects at origin, will also be there to unload at your destination.

Our service includes the full packing, stowing, transport, unloading and unpacking of your household goods and personal effects. Everything is inventoried and signed off. We use special furniture covers to protect your furniture and appliances during transit. Our crew will disassemble and reassemble your beds and when appropriate, other furniture items. Everything will be placed in the right rooms at destination. Surplus packing materials and debris are cleared at both ends of your relocation.

Although it’s optional we strongly recommend you have The Moving Company pack everything, using our specially designed packing materials. Your possessions represent both an emotional and a monetary investment which deserve the best care available.

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Local & Regional Moving

Are you looking for a local or regional furniture moving company? All the services described above are available on local and regional moves. While we prefer to pack everything there is an option to pack yourself. Our crews will still disassemble the beds and protect your furniture and appliances during transportation.

Be sure to let us know in advance if you are moving appliances and bulky items such as a piano, spa bath or trampoline. If you live in an apartment complex, make sure you book the elevator and check on any special conditions or restricted hours for movers to be on site.

Moving from Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch?  Get an Instant PriceInstant Moving Price. Moving around the country? Request a free, no obligation Moving Within NZ Quote.

Transit Insurance

Just as it is normal to insure your possessions in your home, it is highly recommended to fully cover your treasured goods whilst being moved or in storage.

Many customers think their contents insurance will cover the goods whilst being moved, and some do offer a very limited or basic cover within contents policies, however the insurance industry recognises The Moving Company as an experienced professional team within New Zealand’s moving industry, so through Vero we’re able to offer a full range of comprehensive all risks insurance options underwritten by Vero Marine.

We suggest you take out a specialised transit insurance policy. The purpose of transit insurance is to manage the risk of unforeseen events or accidental damage causing loss. You may want to consider the popular lump sum option. This gives you comprehensive cover with minimal paperwork. When your effects are in storage there are insurance extensions available, after a free qualifying period. In the event of a claim, our own in-house insurance team are there to facilitate the claims process on your behalf.

These policies are tailored plans to meet your requirements at very competitive prices. Read more about Transit and Storage Insurance.

temporary storage for when youre moving house

Secure Storage Services

Whether you are moving locally or long distance our moving service will often include a storage component. You may have some time between houses, be taking a holiday before finding a new home, waiting for a new build or be moving to a smaller space. Whatever your location or situation we have first class, secure storage facilities in every instance. In coastal locations our warehouses are fully customs bonded and MPI approved.

We recommend you use our storage facilities rather than a self-storage unit. Additional insurance costs and issues can be alleviated by having the same company providing your complete end to end insurance, moving and storage service. For short term storage we can reduce the handling of your effects by packing into our storage containers at residence, then storing and delivering from the same container(s).

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