Moving to the UK

The Moving Company offers competitive shipping rates to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We provide an efficient door-to-door packing and moving service.


Moving to the United Kingdom 

The Moving Company is one of New Zealand’s best known and most successful moving companies. In March 2022 we celebrated our 35th birthday, having grown from humble beginnings to become the largest private international moving and storage company in the country. Learn more.

Relocate to the UK

Moving to UK? We are currently experiencing an unprecedented level of demand for moving household goods and personal effects to the United Kingdom (UK). For a variety of reasons thousands of UK based kiwis had returned home during the global pandemic, many are now repatriating back to their previous lives. In addition, others had put their study, work and travel plans on hold for 2-3 years, they are now in a hurry to make up for lost time. There is also a significant increase in the number of returning UK citizens, having either completed a fixed term period of employment in New Zealand, or suffering from covid induced homesickness.

Your First Choice Mover to the UK

The Moving Company annually move hundreds of sea and air freight shipments into and out of the UK. Our success isn’t down to luck. It is built upon the positive moving experiences of our customers and their word of mouth. We serve all corners of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Whether you are moving to London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, or Belfast we have the experience and expertise to get you there on time and on budget. Request a no obligation moving to the UK quotation today.

Here is why you should consider The Moving Company as your first choice moving partner for the relocation of household goods and personal effects to the United Kingdom.

Worldwide Connections

Although our offices are in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, we have the infrastructure to provide international services from every corner of New Zealand. Whether you’re in the Far North, Invercargill or anywhere in-between, we have the nationwide expertise and resources to internationally pack, uplift and ship your belongings from NZ to the UK.

Of course, we can’t provide a full end to end international removal service on our own. Over the years we have built close working relationships with some of the best destination service providers in the UK. These are the companies that will customs clear and deliver your air and sea shipments upon your arrival. All our UK service partners are members of the FIDI global alliance. In addition, each is required to meet the FAIM quality standard. This is the only independently audited quality standard in the international moving industry.

A feature of our UK partner network is that we share a common operating system called Moveware. Your move management details will move seamlessly between ourselves and our service partners. This ensures there is minimal risk of process, timing, or documentation errors at any stage of the relocation process. It also allows us to stay connected to your relocation, right through to delivery in the UK. Access to personal information is strictly controlled and is only available to essential staff on a ‘need to know’ basis.

International Moving Experts

There is no substitute for experience in the international moving business. The movement of household goods and personal effects across borders can be both daunting and complex

The Moving Company has an outstanding team of international move management professionals, many with over 20 years of experience. They have thousands of successful shipments to the UK under their belts. We understand that every customer’s individual needs are different. Whether you have just a few items or a 40-foot container you will still receive the same level of professional care and attention.

Our strength is knowing how to understand your requirements and tailor a shipping schedule that makes perfect sense. We will let you know what items are restricted or prohibited and oversee all the necessary documentation and inspections so there are no surprises. We don’t forget about you the moment your shipment leaves our shores. Quality lines of communication are maintained for the full ‘lifetime’ of each individual relocation. Our objective is to ensure you start living at your new home before our job is done.

Whether it’s our internationally trained packing crew in your home, or your experienced move coordinator, our team are here to guide you through every step of your international move.

A Complete Service Range

As New Zealand’s biggest private mover, we pride ourselves on getting you where you need to be, when you need to be there. Depending on your circumstances you may need storage for some or all your household goods, either in New Zealand or the UK. Whatever you need, The Moving Company has you covered every step of the way.

Our service to the UK caters for everything from just a few boxes, right through to a five or six bedroom house, complete with the family pet(s), car, boat, and motorcycle. We recommend you take out a comprehensive marine insurance policy to mitigate the risks associated with an international relocation. Our team will advise you of the options so you can choose the most appropriate policy for your circumstances

Here is a summary of the service options available;

  • Air freight is a popular option, if you have a small shipment or need everything in double quick time. Many families will take a small air freight consignment, in advance of their primary sea shipment.
  • The most popular option for moving to the UK is a sole use 20 or 40-foot shipping container. This is a direct service with the shortest possible transit times.
  • If you are happy to share, we will offer you space in a ‘groupage’ or shared shipping container. This is cost effective as you only pay for the space you use. While transit times can be longer, we generally get a shared container away quickly, due to our high traffic volumes to the UK.
  • While everything in your shipment is internationally packed, we also have specialised staff and materials for the crating and packing of artwork, antiques, and other high value breakables.
  • Our international pet relocation partner provides a full ‘end to end’ service that includes everything you need for the safe passage of your family pet(s) to anywhere in the UK.

We Deliver Value for Money

Choosing the right mover is a big decision! It’s not by accident that The Moving Company has become the private mover of choice for thousands of individuals and families moving to the UK. What looks like a good deal when it’s presented in New Zealand can quickly turn sour when the eventual cost is fully understood. In the moving business the monetary value of a service can only be determined when everything has been delivered, at your destination.

We pride ourselves on ticking all the boxes, to bring together the best value moving proposition in the industry;

  • Given our level of service, you will find us to be very competitively priced. This is made possible by our owners and senior management all working in the day-to-day operation, rather than sitting outside the business or in overseas boardrooms.
  • Our quotations are for a full door to door service, including all standard documentation, clearance, and delivery charges. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances what you are quoted is what you will pay.
  • Our experienced team of international specialists are experts at identifying customers’ needs, before preparing individual move plans that reflect those needs, not what’s most expedient for us.
  • No matter how big or small your shipment, we have the volumes to provide an uninterrupted service, with little or no wait times. By getting to your destination earlier there is a corresponding reduction in transit costs.
  • We match you with a service partner who will cover the specific city or postcode you are moving to, rather than contracting out to a 3rd party. This not only minimises transit times, it reduces the risk of damages due to double handling.
  • We have industry leading technologies, to ensure all documentation and vital information moves seamlessly between ourselves and our UK service partners.
  • We provide customer service not just customer support. This is not just words. Our staff will manage the entire moving experience right through to the last mile. The job is not done until you commence your new life in the UK.

NZ to UK Movers

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present our services for your move to the UK. Request an obligation free Moving to UK from NZ quote from us today.



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