International Car Shipping

The Moving Company specialises in car shipping to New Zealand from anywhere in the world, and if you are leaving New Zealand and want to ship your car, we are your Kiwi shipping solution.

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International Vehicle Shipping 

We provide guidance on compliance and take care of all requirements including export documentation, bill of lading, insurance, import clearance through customs and quarantine and delivery to the compliance centre.

Moving Your Car or Motor Bike with Your Household Goods

There are flexible options for shipping your vehicle to or from New Zealand such as; exclusive use of shipping containers to roll on – roll off, or you can share a shipping container.

Bringing Your Car to New Zealand

If you are considering importing a motor vehicle to New Zealand, strict safety criteria and ownership conditions apply. All motor vehicles should be steam cleaned prior to shipping to assist with minimising the possibility of MAF Biosecurity ordering it to be cleaned and vacuumed on arrival in New Zealand. Don’t include household and personal effects inside your vehicle as these items cannot be cleared under your Motor Vehicle Clearance and require a separate clearance process.

The following documents will be required for clearance of motor vehicles:

  • original registration certificate and/or original deregistration certificate as applicable; and
  • original purchase invoice; and
  • original compliance certificate issued by the manufacturer of the car if applicable/required; and
  • original passport.

Motor Vehicle Compliance and Registration

A manufacturer’s certificate of compliance for frontal impact and emission standards may be required for vehicles to be registered for use on New Zealand roads. Detailed information is available on the following website No motor vehicle should be shipped until a written confirmation from the entry certifiers has been obtained that confirms the vehicle complies with, or meets, exemption criteria.

The organisations listed below are appointed by the NZTA to advise on the suitability of vehicles for import and carry out entry certification:

Once the motor vehicle has been unloaded and biosecurity checked, you will need to arrange a compliance inspection and the registration of your vehicle to verify that it complies with all New Zealand regulations and safety laws before being driven on the road. Our move managers can assist you with these arrangements.

Car and Boat Storage

We store vehicles and boats within our customs bonded and quarantine certified secure storage facilities, and provide service and maintainence programmes if required.

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