Can You Ship Your Car to Another Country?


So, you’re moving to another country and you’ve packed up basically everything. Then you check your garage. Your car is a little too big to fit in your suitcase and you love it too much to leave behind. The only option is to somehow get it to your new country of residence.

Thankfully, this doesn’t involve any Harry Potter techniques like when Ron and Harry flew the Ford Anglia to Hogwarts. It’s actually a lot simpler (and safer) than that. A top-quality moving company will be able to ship your car internationally.

What do I need?

You can’t just rock up to your moving team’s office and say “Here ya go, ship my car, thanks.” There are certain boxes you’ve got to tick first. Have a chat with a quality moving team like The Moving Company to gain an understanding of the requirements. These will include export documentation, bill of lading, insurance, import clearance and other things too.

Where can I ship to?

It shouldn’t matter where in the world you’re off to, you should still be able to ship your car or motorbike. Think of it like sending a giant parcel to a friend overseas. It’s not really any different from that, except that there’s basically zero chance of it getting lost!

What to know

When choosing a moving team to ship your car to another country, the first mistake is to go for the cheapest option. Unfortunately, shipping your car isn’t like shopping at a low-cost supermarket. At a low-cost supermarket, you buy a cheap brand of alfoil, you regret it because it’s not strong enough, and then you accept your $2 loss and move on with life. It’s not so simple when shipping your car internationally. If you go with a cheap, low-quality and unreliable service, you could end up paying the price. Find out how long your moving company has been shipping cars to your specific country. This will indicate whether they’re experienced and whether there’s a good chance of the process being smooth or not.

Where to go

There are a few companies that offer international shipping for vehicles. New Zealand’s most trusted company, however, has got to be The Moving Company. They work hard to provide a reliable service, 100% of the time, and price it competitively too.

Moving your car to another country can seem like a headache at first. But once you enlist some help from the team at The Moving Company, it gets much easier. The Moving Company can ship your car to basically any corner of the globe and have helped hundreds of Kiwis like you do just that. Get in touch with the friendly team at The Moving Company and grab yourself a free quote today!

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