The Moving Company utilises a broad range of moving boxes and packaging materials designed for optimum protection, cushioning and strength during the moving process.


Professional Packing Materials 

We have a wide range of packaging materials specifically designed for the packing and protection of personal and household effects. From Porta Robes – large cartons with a wardrobe bar for hanging clothes – to TV factory carton equivalents that have polystyrene inserts formed to the size of your television. We have bike cartons, sports equipment cartons, and priority cartons which are used for important or personal items you need to identify as soon as your delivery commences.

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professional movers packing cartons
Packing Material
Type of Packing
Skirts, shirts, trousers, suits, etc.
Prevents creases and wrinkles and clothing remains on hangers
Priority cartons
Remotes, keys, computer cables, documents or the jug
Fast access to the items you need first
Tube wrapping
Fragile china, crystal, ornaments and glasses
The best protection against chips, cracks and breakage
Picture/artwork and expandable carton
Artworks, pictures and mirrors
Protects against chips, scratching or broken glass and frames
Protective bubble wrap
Tables, chairs, cabinets, desks and whitewares
Maximum protection against chipping and scratching
TV cartons
TV packing cartons with polystyrene inserts
Maximum protection equivalent to original factory packaging
Golf bag carton
Golf bag and clubs
Maximum protection and fast access
Bicycle cartons
All bikes
Maximum protection
Dining chair protectors
Fabric dining chairs
Prevents fluff attaching to the fabric from protective felt pads
Mattress protectors
From king to single beds
Maximum protection against wear from handling and transit

Self Packing Vs Professional Packing

We are often asked if owners can pack for themselves. The short answer is yes, you can do your own packing for moves within New Zealand, however most customers do leave it to us. Packing is priced as an option in your moving quote, and we believe you’ll find the price to be a pleasant surprise.

Professional Packing

Our professional packing teams protect items such as china, plastics and books in paper before stowing them in cartons. All packing takes place in your home, and with the exception of ‘same day’ local moves, each package or carton is sequentially numbered with labels prior to loading, which provides tracking information and inventory management including reference numbers, your name, your destination and your move date.

professional packing

Tube Packing Stemware & Delicates

For delicates and stemware such as wine glasses and cocktail glasses, we wrap each individual item with tissue and paper before placing the items in corrugated cardboard tubes.

tube packing delicates stemware

Fragile Packing

Specified delicate or fragile items get customised protection.

fragile packing

Priority Packing

Priority cartons are used for important items such as bed legs, bolts from dismantled furniture, and remote controls to ensure they are easy to locate in your new home.

priority packing

Packing Pictures & Mirrors

Pictures are individually wrapped in bubble wrap. One or more pictures or mirrors are placed into an adjustable size picture carton or crated where necessary.

packing pictures mirrors

Packing TVs

TVs are shape wrapped with bubble wrap, then placed inside a special TV carton with polystyrene inserts for maximum stability and protection.

tv carton packing

Packing Clothes

Clothes are placed flat into clothing cartons. Clothes can remain on their hangers and the arms are folded in. Or clothes remain on their hangers in a port-a-robe.

packing clothes

Packing Bikes & Golf Clubs

Purpose made cartons to fit golf bags, sports equipment and bikes.


Bed & Settee Protection

Mattresses and bases are placed inside heavy-gauge plastic mattress bags. Lounge suites are placed inside heavy-gauge plastic lounge suite bags.

bed settee protection

Furniture Wrapping

Furniture wrapping involves shape wrapping individual items with bubble wrap.

furniture wrapping

Bed & Settee Protection for International Moves

For international removals, lounge suites are shape wrapped with bubble wrap for maximum protection. Beds are placed in heavy-gauge plastic protectors.

bed settee protection international moves

Appliance Wrapping

For city to city and international removals, stainless steel appliances and whiteware are shape wrapped with bubble wrap for maximum protection.

appliance wrapping


Where recommended or requested, wooden crates will be custom-built for the provision of utmost care and protection.

packing crate

Loading Trucks & Containers

For local and city to city removals, items are protected with furniture removal pads. Goods are loaded tightly and strapped into our removal vehicles or steel shipping containers to avoid movement. Shipping containers are secured and sealed with high-density steel locking bolts.


International Container Loading

For international removals, goods are loaded into steel shipping containers, secured and sealed with high-density steel locking bolts. Read more about International Shipping.

international container loading

Vehicle Transport & Shipping

We can move your motor vehicle, motorcycle, trailer boat, jet ski, caravan, or trailer anywhere in New Zealand, or ship it to any destination in the world. We know all about import regulations can assist you with this process. Read more about Car & Boat Transport.

Pet Transport

Your pet is a precious part of your family and they need to find their way safely to their new home too. With our carefully chosen service partners, we can arrange the national and international relocation of your beloved pets. Read more about Pet Transport and Pet Boarding.

Valet Unpacking

On delivery day you may have many other priorities and focuses, and may not have time for packing, setting up the kitchen and linen cupboards, organising the books back on to shelves, making the beds or sorting the kids toys.

We have the solution. The Finishing Touch valet unpacking service will transform your new home from what may feel chaotic, to an organised comfortable home, normally within just one day. This service ensures all cartons are completely unpacked and the contents orderly placed on shelves or in cupboards or display units. The packing gear is then immediately removed.

The service is so good that some customers have requested us to supply this service to reorganise their kitchens and cupboards every year!

Inventory Management

If your moving destination is overseas, to another city, or via storage, The Moving Company prepares an inventory of all your possessions being moved. Every package is recorded on an itemised inventory list at your home during the packing phase, and checked against the list at your new home. It is also used by customs and quarantine if applicable.

Each carton or package is individually labelled and recorded in numerical order. Our labels record your name, origin, destination and internal move reference number, allowing us to track your belongings throughout the moving process.

Finally, as part of our inventory management, we make a record of any existing marks on furniture and appliances. Our inventory lists are prepared to customs, quarantine and insurance company standards, so we will need to know the contents of cartons you have packed yourself.

inventory mgmt

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