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The Moving Company specialises in international shipping and moving, handling thousands of export and import shipments each year. Since the company’s foundation in the nineteen eighties, export shipping has been a core business focus.


International Moving

The Moving Company is New Zealand’s largest private international mover. We routinely manage and coordinate a full range of international moving, shipping services, insurance and storage services, to and from every corner of the globe.

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Experts In Our Field 

Our success is based upon having an outstanding team of International Move Management Specialists, many with over 20 years of The Moving Company experience. With this level of expertise, we specialise in relocations to both mainstream and unusual destinations, where local conditions and regulations can be challenging. This expertise has made us extremely popular within the diplomatic community, most recently managing large relocations into Israel, Kenya, and Argentina.

Our team understand that moving internationally is an anxious time and help is often needed to make life easier. We don’t forget about you the moment your shipment leaves our shores. Quality lines of communication are maintained for the full ‘lifetime’ of each individual relocation. Our objective is to ensure that you start living at your new home before our job is done.

Worldwide Connections

Of course we can’t do it all on our own. As a member of the FIDI Global Alliance we can choose from a selection of the world’s best moving companies, to provide clearance and delivery services at your eventual destination. All FIDI members must meet the FAIM quality standard, the only independently audited quality standard in the international moving industry.

These international moving companies are not strangers, we have been working closely with them for many years. Once we understand your needs, we will match you with the most appropriate service partner for your destination. Alternatively, some of our experienced international customers may ask us to work with their own preferred destination service provider, based upon previous moving experiences.

Service Options

Depending on your timing, needs and budget we have a variety of service options available for your forthcoming international move.

Moving Overseas Shipping – Your Own Exclusive Container

You will have the exclusive use of your own 20 or 40-foot shipping container. Depending on circumstances these can often be loaded and sealed at your residence and delivered straight to port. This is a direct service with the shortest possible transit times.

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Shipping Services 

Sharing a Container

If you are taking a smaller shipment or happy to share, we can offer you a ‘groupage’ or LCL shared container. This is cost effective as you only pay for the space you use. While transit times can be longer, we generally get a shared container away quickly, due to our high traffic volumes to most global destinations.

Air Freight

Moving personal effects by airfreight is a popular option if you need everything in double quick time. To speed up their settlement process many families will take a small air freight shipment, (with their essentials) while they wait for the bigger volume, by sea.

Small Shipments

If you only have a few items of unaccompanied personal effects to send overseas, (generally luggage or boxes), we can still arrange, ship, and deliver these worldwide. This service is often used for sending goods to family, students, and friends or by single people moving overseas to work.

Additional Services

Our additional global shipping and moving services include motor vehicle, motorcycle, boat, and caravan relocations. Secure storage is available at both origin and destination. We highly recommend you take out a comprehensive marine insurance policy to mitigate the risks associated with an international relocation. Our team can advise you on the options so you can choose the most appropriate policy for your circumstances.

While everything in your shipment will be internationally packed, we have specialised materials and techniques for crating and packing artwork, antiques, high value breakables and other fragile items. There are even hanging wardrobe cartons, so your clothes stay on the hangar for the full journey.

At The Moving Company we don’t forget about your pets. Our international pet relocation partners provide a full ‘end to end’ service. The standard service includes veterinary inspection, travel documentation, health certificates, transit care, boarding and quarantine facilities, customs clearances, and ground transportation to and from gateway airports.

International Moving Destinations

The Moving Company is New Zealand’s largest private international shipping company. Request an online quote for your international moving destination or give us a call on 0800 MOVING and see how easy we make it to move anywhere in the world.

Our professional trans-tasman moving team is here to guide you through the entire moving process.
The Moving Company offers competitive shipping to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Shipping to Europe with reliable and competitive door-to-door services.
Competitive door-to-door shipping via sea freight or air freight to USA.
Competitive door-to-door shipping via sea freight or air freight to Canada.
Competitive door-to-door shipping via sea freight or air freight to Canada.
Our network of moving company partners throughout Asia ensures a quality move.
Our knowledgeable moving company partners in South America deliver directly.
If you are a Kiwi returning home, or if you are immigrating to New Zealand, contact The Moving Company’s customer service team today, we can take care of all your global shipping and moving needs

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