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Moving to South America

Our knowledgeable partner South American moving companies process your shipment through customs and quarantine and deliver directly to your South American destination.

South America

Are you moving to Mexico, Cental America or South America and need an experienced professional international moving company to move your household and personal effects? Look no further than The Moving Company as we have years of experience packing and shipping household goods from New Zealand and moving them to the diverse continent of South America.
We provide door to door moving services to countries throughout Central and South America, and Mexico for our customers moving to Argentina, moving to Belize, moving to Bolivia, moving to Brazil, moving to Chile, moving to Colombia, moving to Costa Rica, moving to Ecuador, moving to El Salvador, moving to Falkland Islands, moving to French Guiana, moving to Guatemala, moving to Guyana, moving to Honduras, moving to Nicaragua, moving to Panama, moving to Paraguay, moving to Peru, moving to Suriname, moving to Uruguay, moving to Venezuela.

So no matter where in New Zealand you are moving from, or where in Mexico, Central America or South America you are moving to – you can ship to the Americas with total confidence.

Complete Home Contents or Just a Few Items

If you are relocating your entire home contents to Mexico, Cental America or South America, we can arrange an In Home Appraisal where we will visit your home and discuss your moving requirements, or you can request a Moving to Mexico, Cental America or South America quote online. By providing a list of the items you are wanting to ship to Mexico, Cental America or South America, we can provide an accurate moving quote (subject to actually viewing your goods to confirm the volume). There are several methods for shipping your goods to the Americas, depending on your budget or time constraints.
Get a Moving to Mexico, Cental America or South America quote from us today.