How to Organise a Commercial Office Move


Moving to a new office is a super exciting time for the business. It’s a fresh start; there’s an atmosphere of anticipation and a general feeling of great success on the horizon. But it seems like a massive task at first. How have others before you pulled off the relocation of an office? Well, it’s not as hard as it seems. In this post, we’ll outline a few tips for organising a commercial office move.

Secure a new location

Make sure you’ve signed a lease for your new location so that the move is set in stone. Inform your current property manager that you’re intending to leave and give them an official date. Determine whether you’re breaking a lease, or naturally waiting it out until the lease ends.

Talk to a professional mover

Sit down with a professional moving team and start a moving plan. Their help is invaluable when figuring out what to move, how to move it and when to move it. A detailed moving plan will help not only you but your whole office understand the logistics of the move.

Let your employees know

Your employees should be well aware of the move and when it’s going to happen. Give each employee a role in the lead up to the move. This helps to spread the load and gives everyone a small responsibility.

Spread the word

Now it’s time to start spreading the word of the move. This could include telling clients and partners, suppliers, insurance providers and utility providers. Make sure you use your social media accounts to their full extent with this one too.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Most offices have desks with stuff that never gets used. Some places have entire rooms of this stuff. Get rid of anything you don’t really use; chuck it on an online marketplace or give it to charity. Then it’s time to plan the new layout. You should know exactly where each desk, each computer and each piece of equipment is going to go in your new office space. Let all the employees know about the new floor plan too.

Organise tech

Make sure your IT department has everything sorted for the day you return to business as usual. This will save you from setbacks on the first day back at work.

Sure, moving offices may seem like a bit of a headache initially. But the best thing you can do to figure it out early on is to speak with a professional moving team. The Moving Company are New Zealand’s experts in all sorts of moves, including commercial ones. They can get your business from one place to another with no stress and no setbacks. Call up The Moving Company to organise your office move and to grab a free quote for it today.

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