5 Tips for Moving to London


Moving to London is something most Kiwi’s dream of, but only a few of us have the chance to do. Whether you’re a career-driven professional or a family, you’ll find that London has something for you; amazing architecture, friendly people, great schools, pub life and constant liveliness wherever you are. In order for you to be walking along the Thames on a warm summer’s night, you need to get your moving plan sorted. Here are 5 tips for moving to London!

1) Start planning your day trips and weekenders

Seriously, get ready for some adventures of a lifetime. There are so many options for day trips and weekend trips when you move to London. Whether you want a picturesque train ride to a bustling city like Glasgow, or a quick, flight down to Portugal for a weekend, London is the perfect base for a whole bunch of different getaways. And with COVID restrictions easing up, it’s the perfect thing to look forward to.

2) Dress for the season

London is nice in the summer but can be pretty chilly in the winter. Snowing is common in January, so if you’re moving during the winter, it’s best to take warm clothes and update your summer wardrobe when you get there. You’ll also need a good pair of shoes that are waterproof – London is known for being a little wet.

3) Find out which part of London suits you best

Are you a young professional who wants to live close to the city? Or a parent looking for a family neighbourhood like Crystal Palace, with its parks, great schools, and accessible transport? With over 10 million people, London has so many different suburbs, so you need to research which suburbs are ideal for your lifestyle.

4) Have your visa sorted

You’ve got to get your paperwork sorted before you touch down at Heathrow Airport. New Zealanders have lots of options when it comes to working and living in London including working visas, spousal visas, student visas, youth mobility visas, exceptional talent visas and many more.

5) Choose an amazing moving team

Our final tip is to choose an experienced, dedicated and reputable moving company to move your items to the other side of the world. The Moving Company are the team you’re looking for – they’ve helped a large number of Kiwis relocate to London.

They offer full-scale moving services as an internationally accredited relocation company and have established relationships with the most reputable moving companies in the UK, allowing choice, flexibility and competitive pricing in today’s market.

Packing, moving and storage are all expertly handled so that you can relax and focus on what you need to prepare for your brand-new London life. Thinking about moving in the UK? Request a quote from The Moving Company today!

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