5 Top Tips for Planning a Summer Move

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Moving in the New Zealand summer is a smart move. There’s less rain, less wind and it’s generally a more comfortable experience than battling with the elements in winter. That being said, it can also bring its own challenges, like more demand for moving services, so you’ve got to make sure you get in early.

Here are our top five tips for planning a summer move.

1) Book ahead – keep Christmas and New Year’s in mind

The summer months are the busiest time of year for relocation companies so booking ahead is a must. The Moving Company are open throughout the Christmas and New Year period but do book out quickly.

2) Pack your warm clothes first

If you’re packing items yourself, use warm clothes as padding for things like crockery and glassware. It’s an old trick which has been proven to be very effective. What can’t be wrapped in warm clothes, will be wrapped in professional packaging by your moving team.

3) Stay sun-smart

The New Zealand sun is very harsh, so make sure you apply sunscreen liberally on your moving day. Fill up your water bottles and remember to drink every hour. Dehydration is much more of a threat in the summer, so please stay hydrated!

4) Make time for yourself

Moving takes up a significant amount of time, but it’s important to make time for yourself, considering the good weather doesn’t last long in New Zealand. It is important to take breaks to catch up with friends, head to the beach or visit family. That’s also a benefit of hiring a top-quality moving team – more time on your hands during the summer!

5) Choose an expert team of movers

It’s not enough to simply book ahead when planning your summer move. You’ve got to book ahead with the right bunch of movers. The Moving Company are New Zealand’s finest team of local, intercity and international movers. No matter where you’re heading, The Moving Company have the right size moving team and trucks to suit your moving needs.

To start the next chapter of your journey on the right foot, give The Moving Company a call 0800 668 464 and let them take care of you.

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