Top Tips for Moving with Kids


We know it can be challenging to move houses when you’ve got kids but, luckily, there are a few sneaky tricks of the trade that moving companies have learned over the years to make it easier than ever to handle your kids during the move. Here are some of our top tips brought to you by the experts at The Moving Company.

Ramp up the adventure

Moving is normally exciting for adults, but it’s not unusual for the kids to take it a little hard. Saying goodbye to friends, leaving the house they grew up in, and getting used to a big change in life – these are the things to which kids might not take so well. Here, you’ve got to use these things to your advantage. Moving is an opportunity to make new friends, live in a brand-new house and see somewhere completely different. It’s like a little family adventure, and your kids are leading the expedition.

Get your essentials bag ready

When moving with kids, it’s essential to have an essentials bag! Your essentials bag should contain all the items you need on the day of your move. Think about medications, favourite toys, snacks, water bottles, electronic devices, and chargers.

‘It’s a tradition!’

Most kids, whether you know it or not, have a keen interest in history: especially family history. If you’ve got any moving traditions, like pizza for dinner on the first night of moving into a new home, then teach your kids about them before the move – this will give them something to look forward to. If you don’t have any traditions, well, now’s the perfect time to start some!

Get your kids’ rooms ready first

You want your kids to settle in as quickly as possible, so concentrate on their rooms first and get them pumped about setting up their new space. This is a chance to make them feel welcome in their new rooms, giving them a chance to get comfortable with the idea of moving.

Choose an expert team of movers

Lastly, it’s important to choose the right team of movers. Specialising in family moves, The Moving Company is New Zealand’s most trusted team of movers and packers, understanding the pressure of family life and the stress and inconvenience moving can create. There services are designed to ensure that you’re not distracted by the moving process, which means you can focus on your new home, city, or country.

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