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The process of moving offices is often under estimated. As a result of our experience and customer feedback, we have created this pre-move office checklist to assist you in planning the perfect move of your business.

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Early Planning

  • Appoint an appropriate staff member as your company’s move co-ordinator
  • Consider your current office equipment and computer situation. What needs to be upgraded or replaced?
  • List all stationery and company letterhead that will need amending, plus new building signage and your website
  • Consider the security/access requirements for your new premises
  • Send a notice to clients/suppliers etc. that you are relocating, detailing changes such as PO Box or phone numbers and actual address
  • Inform staff of progress and developments throughout the process
  • Confirm layout of new premises and configuration of communication outlets
  • Confirm date of move with The Moving Company

Arrange Disconnection/Reconnection and Diversion

  • Electricity and/or gas
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Mobile phones
  • Pagers
  • Mail services
  • Computer communications (routers/modems, etc.)
  • Change faxes to display new number
  • Organise for de-commissioning and recommissioning of all computers and associated electronic equipment

Notifications of Change of Address

  • Companies Office
  • IRD
  • Motor vehicle registration (quote your LTSA number)
  • Local government
  • Insurance company
  • Cleaners or gardeners
  • Suppliers of financial and legal services, i.e. accountants, solicitors, banks, finance houses, printers, brokers, credit card providers
  • Suppliers of other materials and services, i.e. press, public relations/media, couriers, freight services and travel agents

Just Prior to Your Move

  • Confirm all final details of the move plan with The Moving Company and confirm value for insurance during transit
  • Distribute written moving instructions to all staff in conjunction with The Moving Company representative (if appropriate)
  • Label all effects in accordance with the new floor plan (labels supplied by The Moving Company)
  • Reserve access areas such as parking meters, entrance way, loading docks, goods lifts, notify landlord in event of multi-tenant building
  • Confirm delivery of new equipment, furnishings, stationery, etc.
  • Secure floor plan to each floor in your new premises to assist with correct placement of items and ensure The Moving Company has copies one week prior to move
  • Finalise arrangements for access, keys and codes for The Moving Company staff
  • Arrange for staff to visit the new site for pre-move familiarisation purposes
  • Finalise start time on the day of your move
  • Confirm items for storage or for distribution to other offices

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