5 Tips For A Family Relocation

Moving to a new place with your family is a great experience. Whether you’re moving for better work opportunities, education, or family life in general, your move is an adventure for the whole family.But relocating with your family isn’t always easy – the more people in your family means, the more items you have to move and the bigger the home you require. So, let’s take a look at some of the best tips for relocating with your family so that there are no hiccups along the way.

Book in quickly

The best tip we can give is to research great relocation companies and book in with your preferred mover as soon as possible. Moving companies rarely ever have cancellations, and it’s very unlikely you will be able to book a week or two beforehand. Make sure you book your team of movers about eight weeks before the moving day.

Enlist extra services from your movers

Selecting a full-service relocation is a wise idea, especially if you have younger children. The movers will do all the packing, transporting, and delivery so you and your family can focus on the adventure ahead.

You may also want to consider additional services from your moving company, such as pet and car transport, moving insurance, and home cleaning services, to make your move as hassle and stress-free as possible.

Get the kids involved

Although your kids may not be able to shift furniture or dismantle bed frames, they can certainly help with some tasks. Packing up their favourite toys and clothes is just one way that they can take the burden off your shoulders and feel involved in the moving process.

Get rid of unwanted items

Unwanted items are only going to weigh you down. Write a list of all the stuff that can be left behind, e.g., unused furniture and appliances, unwanted gifts, and clothes you don’t wear anymore. Then, donate or sell these items to free up moving space.

Think about storage

And finally, storage is another key consideration when relocating with the family. Will you need short-term storage between households or a longer-term option? We recommend choosing a mover who offers both moving and storage. The Moving Company is proud to offer both!

The Moving Company is New Zealand’s most trusted team of movers and packers, understanding the pressure of family life and the stress and inconvenience moving can create. There services are designed to ensure that you’re not distracted by the moving process, which means you can focus on your new home, city, or country.
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