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The Moving Company are known and trusted for our fair pricing and quality of service. Underpinning our longevity and success is a belief that ever move is a major life event, involving more than just moving home. Moving overseas or long-distance can cost a lot of money so we make sure we do it properly.

Customer Led Culture    

We understand that moving house can be a stressful, complex, and daunting experience. Our objective is to make each move as easy as possible. To achieve this, it is vital we demonstrate the utmost care and respect for our customers, their families, their personal effects, and their personal information.   

At The Moving Company we believe in ‘inclusion,’ we’re not all the same, this is our strength. We do not discriminate against any customer, employee, or service partner, for any reason. Each of us contributes to inclusion. Having a diverse workplace brings different backgrounds, experiences, communication styles and ways of thinking together. This assists us to relate to and meet the needs of a broad range of customers.   

While moving is a process led activity, we understand that customers are focused on what their move enables, with respect to their future environment and lifestyle. Having a customer led culture is not just about words. Our staff will manage the entire moving experience to and from all locations. Quality lines of communication will be maintained throughout the relocation. We aim to ensure each customer successfully commences their new life before our job is done.        

Our People         

The emotional significance of each moving experience is just as important as the functional tasks involved. To consistently deliver for our customers we place an absolute focus on having great people. This is one industry where experience counts. Having so many of our 150 staff with 20+ years of The Moving Company experience counts for a lot.   

For international moving there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. Relationships are everything. Our world class overseas partner networks have been forged over 35 years, not by chance. Our Move Management team have in-depth knowledge of each destination countries regulations and any local conditions that may adversely affect a customer’s relocation experience.   

For domestic inter-city and long distance moving the requirement for high level experience still applies. Whether it’s the pack team, the logistics planning team, the driver who gets you there or your customer services manager, everyone in the relocation cycle must collaborate and work together to seamlessly deliver a positive moving experience. 

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