Tips for Moving to Australia


Moving to Australia is a super exciting thing to do. Get ready to enjoy great weather, lovely people and awesome job prospects. With some of the world’s most liveable cities, including Adelaide and Melbourne, there’s a reason why so many Kiwis are moving to the Great Southern Land. But before you’re sipping your iced latte on Bondi Beach, there are a few things you’ve got to keep in mind. Luckily, we’re here to help! This is our essential list of tips for moving to Australia.


It’s not the most glamorous part of moving to Australia, but it’s one of the most important tips we can give you. Gather all your paperwork such as birth and marriage certificates, visas, mortgage and bank statements, licenses, passports and keep them secure in one place. Get electronic copies of these too.

Find a place

Find a house well before you move, so that you’re not in a rush and have as many options as possible. Consider your budget, your work situation and your lifestyle. Don’t go for something that can’t fit all your belongings, and don’t go for something that you’re barely satisfied with – find somewhere you love!

Health records

You’ll need your doctor and dentist files when moving to Australia. Think about x-rays, records, important prescriptions and all that. Dentist files are particularly important so that your new dentist is able to know what previous work has been done.


This is one of our biggest tips when moving to Australia. It’s the perfect time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need, making your trip lighter and easier for you to manage.

Learn to speak Australian

New Zealanders and Australians both speak English, but Aussies have their own way of doing it – just like we do. There are still a few differences in slang but as long as you know how to order a sanga and a bevvy, she’ll be right, cobber!

Enlist a pro moving company

Choose a moving company who know what they’re doing and who have loads of experience in moving people to Australia. Unfortunately, you can’t just get your mate with a ute or station wagon to help you out this time. Find a moving company who understand your needs and use their expertise to transport your belongings as smoothly as possible.

The adrenaline should be flowing through your veins the minute you think of moving to Australia! It’s going to be one of the biggest events in your life. If you’re thinking of moving across the ditch, then get in touch with The Moving Company. They’re one of New Zealand’s most trusted moving teams for transforming Kiwis into Aussies. For a smooth, reliable and affordable moving experience, get in touch with The Moving Company and grab a quote today.

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