Everything You Need to Move to the USA


Moving to the USA soon? You’re in for an unforgettable experience. As the world’s third-biggest country, with a population of well over 300 million, it’d take a lifetime to explore all corners of the USA. This means it’s impossible to get bored when living there! You’ll need to cover a few things before you can start your new life in the USA. Let’s go through a few of the basics.

An application

Moving to the USA can be tricky when it comes to applications. The easiest way is if you’re being sponsored by an employer. Then, they do most of the applying on your behalf and it’s generally a lot easier than doing it solo. It’s still possible, but you’ll need to do a lot more paperwork. Do your research if this is the case and find out what you need to do.

A place to live

So, out of the thousands of towns and cities in the USA, where are you going to hang your hat? Unfortunately, it may take a while for you to decide where you want to live; the options are limitless! With so many big cities in the States, you need to take a fair while to decide where you’re going to live. You could choose to live a hip, Cosmo life in Brooklyn or a rural farm life in the Midwest. The USA is literally your oyster when it comes to lifestyle.


The USA’s healthcare system certainly isn’t as generous as New Zealand’s. Hospital care, dental treatment and all other medical expenses cost money. Consider what you need and come up with a plan for healthcare when you move to the USA.

A lesson in tipping

Make sure you learn how to tip! Hospitality workers rely on tips to get by on minimum wages. 15% is the norm, and anything above that is considered generous.

A top-notch moving company

So, now, to answer the biggest question: how are you going to get all your stuff there? To move to the USA, you’ll need to enlist some help from a top-quality moving team who are experts in global moves. Not every moving company will be able to help you with international moves, so it’s important to choose a team of experts who have done this hundreds of times before. Now, who fits this description?

The Moving Company are one of New Zealand’s finest moving teams, and one of the only ones who are up to the challenge of international moves. Having moved countless Kiwis to North America and other continents, they’ll make your move to the States seem like a walk in the park. For a reliable, stress-free and affordable move to the USA, get in touch with the team at The Moving Company and grab a quote today.

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