Five Tips for Moving to the US

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Over 300 million people, two megacities and endless opportunities: it’s no wonder people are relocating to the USA. As one of the most culturally influential countries in the world, it’s hard not to be pulled into the orbit of the US. But before you head out and explore your new home, you should make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the big lifestyle change. Here are our five top tips for moving to the US.

1) Research where you’re moving to

The US is far from small. There are thousands of cities in the US, spanning across the entirety of the nation. Wherever you’re moving to, make sure you’ve got a firm idea on what it’s like there; the weather, culture and transportation because it varies massively state to state.

2) Get ready for fantastic trips

If you thought the great New Zealand Road trip was a sight to behold, wait till you get to America. With six lane highways and affordable flights connecting the country, the travel possibilities are endless. A weekend road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or a mid-week escape to Seattle? What about a vacation to Vancouver? With Canada being so close, that’s possible too!

3) Work and family life

Work and family life varies from place to place. If you’re a young couple or career professional, then the hubs of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago might be your preferred location. But if you’re moving with your family, then the outskirts of those cities are usually better suited. Other popular family cities include Boston and Seattle, for their safety and convenience.

4) Sort out your paperwork

If you’re moving for work, then your employer should have a lot of this covered for you, but paperwork is one of the most important things to sort out before moving to the US. It is extremely important to make sure you’ve got the correct work visas to enter and stay in the country, so triple check everything that you need and ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

5) Hire a team of expert movers

Moving all your stuff to the other side of the globe isn’t something you can simply do by borrowing your friend’s ute. This bigger-scale job requires specialist movers. The Moving Company are New Zealand’s expert in moving Kiwis to the United States, having helped countless Kiwis move over there.

They offer a comprehensive service, including packing, moving and storage, and pride themselves on the most affordable prices. Get a quote from The Moving Company and get started today!

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