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Our Moving House Checklist is to assist you prepare for your upcoming relocation and assist with a hassle-free moving experience.

Moving Kiwis Everywhere!

Have You Discontinued or Redirected These Services?

  • Newspaper delivery
  • Telephone/Internet Services
  • Sky/Pay TV
  • Gas and electricity
  • Water (rural supply)

Notify Your Change of Address

  • Post office for redirection of mail
  • Your bank (to transfer your account)
  • The electoral registrar
  • Hire purchase company
  • Your insurance company to transfer your household insurance/motor vehicles
  • Your life insurance company
  • Your health insurance company
  • Obtain your children’s school records
  • Local council for rates
  • Stores – where you have charge accounts
  • Relatives, friends and regular correspondents
  • Club Memberships
  • Publications to which you subscribe
  • Has your doctor or dentist recommended someone in the location to which you are moving to?
  • Your solicitors/accountants
  • Your church
  • Credit card companies
  • Airline frequent flyer programmes
  • Cleaners and gardeners

In Preparation for Move Day

  • Ensure your move is confirmed with The Moving Company as soon as moving dates are known
  • Complete your transit insurance proposal and return to The Moving Company
  • Spring clean – discard the things you no longer want, clean out expired medicines
  • Dispose of inflammables or leave for new owners (i.e. paints, turps, kerosene, petrol which are items we cannot carry)
  • Arrange childcare for day(s) of moving (if applicable)
  • Dismantle fragile kit set furniture
  • Have BBQ/heater gas bottles professionally purged
  • Arrange for a specialist to disconnect plasma TVs

Keep Important Documents Together & With You

  • Travel Documents, i.e. airline tickets
  • Travellers cheques
  • Passport and visa/frequent flyer cards
  • Vaccination records for pets
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Driver’s licence
  • Paperwork relating to your household goods removal
  • Extra set of keys for the car
  • Jewellery
  • Sunglasses
  • Plan to be available on move day or have an authorised person available

Do You Need To …

The Day Before

  • Defrost freezers
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Drain most fuel from mowers/petrol weed-eaters
  • Thoroughly clean garden tools, mowers, golf clubs, outdoor furniture and bikes for quarantine inspections if moving overseas
  • Empty vacuum cleaners (export shipments only)
  • Identify items not to be packed and place in one area
  • Ensure washing machine taps are turned off
  • Identify the items for your “Priority Cartons” – those items you want first on delivery/or the items for temporary use if going via storage
  • Arrange a simple breakfast for move day and empty the dishwasher!
  • Water plants being moved (for nationwide moves only)

A Few Important Points to Know

  • If we are storing your household goods, the following articles are classified as DANGEROUS GOODS and cannot be stored: ammunition, paint, linseed oil, turpentine, kerosene, petrol, cleaning fluids and aerosols of any kind
  • Don’t store perishable foods such as cereals, flour, vegetables, meat/fish etc.
  • Please don’t have your furniture French polished just before moving and if you are packing, don’t put breakable items or liquids in drawers (i.e. perfume)
  • If you are selecting volume based transit insurance, remember to identify any antique items or special items of value over NZD$10,000.00 on our insurance proposal form

On Move Day We Need You To

  • Ensure your fridge is empty and clean
  • Check everything to be packed and moved has been loaded and sign and retain a copy of our inventory list for your records

We trust this Moving House Checklist has been of assistance, if you are still looking for a trusted moving company please don’t hesitate to request an obligation free quote from The Moving Company today!

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