The Moving Company Awarded a FIDI Academy Gold Award

FIDI Academy

The Moving Company has been honoured with the FIDI Academy Gold Award for 2023.

Demonstrating a commitment to continuous growth and expertise among its workforce, The Moving Company actively encourages staff to develop their skills and learn from industry experts through the FIDI Academy.

As a pivotal component of its onboarding process, The Moving Company has embraced the FIDI Academy, an Industry Training Framework designed to provide new employees with a comprehensive introduction to international removals. Over the last 12 months, members of our team nationwide have diligently undertaken FIDI Academy courses, the most popular course completed in 2023 was the FIDI Diploma in the Foundations of International Moving followed by FIDI Compliance Requirements and the FIDI Corporate Sustainability criteria linked to the FAIM Standards.

Group Managing Director, Mark Pitcher comments, “The training and education of our team are paramount to the successful delivery of our moving services to each customer, while providing guidance and growth opportunities within our own company.”

The Moving Company is proud to have received the FIDI Academy Gold Award for 2023. Congratulations to our 19 staff members who have successfully completed the FIDI Academy Courses.

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