Tips for Moving to South Africa


South Africa is a culturally rich place with fantastic food and warm people. That being said, it’s important to keep safety in mind if you’re planning to live there. Make sure you do your research on safety in South Africa well before moving. You’ll receive basic tips like driving with your car doors locked as well as a number of other handy pieces of advice. In this post, however, we won’t focus on being negative nellies. Instead, we’ll give you our top tips for the moving part of your relocation to South Africa.

Get your head around the languages

The national language in South Africa is English, but people may speak Zulu and Afrikaans, depending on which part of the country you’re living in. It’s important (and fun) to learn a little bit of both and to learn the slang that’s commonly used in South Africa.

Dress appropriately

South Africa is a large country by landmass and the climate can differ depending on where you are. Thankfully, it’s not too dissimilar from our climate. Winters are usually a bit chilly, but not too cold, and summers tend to be warm but not stinking hot. Make sure you pack appropriate attire for whichever season that you’re moving in.

Documents and health records

Gather up all your important documents and health records and take them with you. This is one of our most important tips. Make sure you bring documents like birth certificates, visas, passports, licenses and keep them all in one safe folder. Health records are particularly important, especially if you take regular medications or have any special conditions. Don’t forget to grab copies of your dental records so that your new dentist has an idea of what’s been done with your teeth in the past.

Get ready for food

South Africa has an amazing blend of cuisine. From traditional African dishes to the salty meats influenced by its Dutch past, you’ll find something tasty everywhere you go in South Africa.

Choose a moving team

So now that you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to touch base with a moving team who can move you from New Zealand to South Africa. Doing this early on is encouraged as it will allow you to decide how big a move you need. Perhaps you only want a small number of items transported with you, or maybe you’re in need of a full-scale house move. Either way, a great moving company should be able to cater to your needs.

So, how do you feel about your move to South Africa? You should be excited as heck. First, you’ve got to find a quality moving team who can get you there. That’s where The Moving Company come in to save the day. They’ve been moving Kiwis to South Africa for yonks, so they’re seasoned experts in the field. To start your journey as smoothly and affordably as possible, contact The Moving Team to grab a quote for your move to South Africa today.

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