Tips for Moving to The UK


Moving to the UK is almost a rite of passage for us Kiwis. From the bustling streets of London to the hip atmosphere in Glasgow and the quaint charm of Cardiff, the UK is truly an amazing place – so there’s no wonder why you’re planning to move there. Before you’re an honorary Brit, however, there are a few things we’ve got to check off the list. Here are our top tips for moving to the UK.

Find a place to stay

The good news is that people in the UK love Kiwis. They love our sense of humour, our accent and our good looks, of course. So, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a place to stay with some locals, or simply to find a place on your own. Do your research on whichever city you’re moving to and find out the best areas to stay – places that are safe but also central.

Grab your documents

Don’t forget to bring all your important documents and health records. Documents like birth certificates, visas, passports and licenses should all be kept in one safe folder. Health records are particularly important, especially if you take regular medications or have any special conditions. Don’t forget to grab copies of your dental records too!

Dress appropriately

The UK tends to be a bit chillier than New Zealand, so it’s a good idea to pack warm clothes. Summers are milder over there than they are over here, so there’s no need to invest in hundreds of pairs of budgie smugglers if you’re moving there in the summer.

Open a bank account

You should ideally have found a place to stay before you open a bank account in the UK. It can be difficult to open one without a local address. Ask your own bank if they have any recommendations for banks in the UK. This could possibly get you around joining fees and make it easier and cheaper to transfer funds between accounts.

Find work

Living in the UK is generally expensive – a bit like living in New Zealand or Australia. That’s why, if your savings aren’t looking too fly, you should find work before you get there.

Choose a moving company

You can’t hire any Tom, Dick or Harry to move your stuff if you’re going to the UK. You need a top-class moving company who are specialists in global moves. Get in touch with your chosen moving company as soon as possible in order to get an idea of what you need to move and what you’re going to leave back in NZ.

Are you jumping with joy at the thought of moving to the UK? You should be! It’s going to be a fun and rewarding experience. First, you need a global moving expert like The Moving Company. They’ve been moving Kiwis like you to the UK for ages now and can make your move as easy as possible. For a smooth, stress-free move, contact The Moving Company and grab a quote today.

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