Top Tips for Moving with Pets


Moving your pets to a new place where a new adventure is about to begin? You might be worried about your pets not being comfortable in your new place – after all, they’ve gotten so used to your current house and the neighbourhood surrounding it. But fear not, because we’ve chatted with the experts and have compiled a list of top tips for moving with pets.

Keep up the consistency

Moving is stressful for humans but it’s also stressful for the four-legged members of the household. They might be curious, anxious, stressed, or hyperactive because of the constant packing and moving of items. A great way to keep your pet calm is to make the days as normal as possible. Keeping up with normal eating routines as well as taking them for walks, playing with them and giving them treats.

Give them access to their favourite toys and blankets

Sometimes, all that’s needed to comfort a pet during a move is their favourite toy or blanket. This gives them something familiar and safe, making them feel much more comfortable during the move.

Help them get settled

If you’re relocating with your dog, you’re going to want to introduce them to their new environment as soon as you can. Take your dog out explore their new surroundings and neighbourhood. This will let them know that everything’s the same as before; they’re just living life in a new place.

Dogs tend to adapt to new surroundings quicker than cats. So, if you’re moving a cat, we recommend, keeping them indoors for at least 3 days so that they can get comfortable in their new home.

Invest in the right travel equipment

If you’re getting to your new place by car, then it’s important to have the right travel gear for your pets. Dogs can be placed in crates, carriers or seatbelt restraints, while cats are better suited to travel boxes or crates, given that they’re not as comfortable with travel. Birds can be kept in their overnight cage.

Consult your moving team

Movers know best when it comes to moving things…and your pets are no exception. If you need specialist help with moving your pets to your new location, get in touch with The Moving Company.

With vast experience in local and international pet transportation, The Moving Company will make moving this important family member as easy and stress-free as possible.

Get in touch with The Moving Company on 0800 668 464 to find out more about their pet transportation services.

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