What Do I Need to Move to South America?


Thinking of moving to South America? Vamonos! You’ll experience things you’ve never experienced before when you make the move to South America. We’re talking about vibrant cities that are brimming with life, a completely different culture and incredible food. What more do we need to say? But before you’re exploring the streets of Rio De Janeiro, there’s a couple of things we need to tick off first. Let’s go through the basics of what you need when moving to South America.

Documents and health records

When moving to any continent, the first thing you’ll need to do is gather up all your important documents. Make sure you bring birth certificates, visas, passports, licenses and keep them all in one safe folder when you move to South America. Health records are particularly important, especially if you take regular medications or have any special conditions. Don’t forget to grab copies of your dental records so that your new dentist has an idea of what’s been done with your teeth in the past.

A little Spanish or Portuguese lesson

It’s a good idea to learn the basics of the language in whichever country you’re moving to. The percentage of people who speak English in South America is significantly lower than in a continent like Europe. In Brazil, they speak Portuguese and in other countries, Spanish is the official language. Get yourself on a language app like Duolingo to start learning the basics… at least learn how to order a pina colada!

An open mind in the flavour department

In South America, you’ll encounter some amazing dishes that you’ve never tried before. That’s why, when you move there, you’ve got to keep an open mind in the flavour department. From char-grilled guinea pig to bull testicle soup, you’ll come across some pretty wild foods that you’ve never eaten before (and don’t worry, they’re also big fans of more palatable dishes like all-you-can-eat barbecue).

An expert moving company

So, the last thing you’ll need when moving to South America is the help of a moving team who are experts in international moves. Not every mover will want to ship you and your belongings to South America, so it’s important you find a team who are confident in doing so and have done it plenty of times before.

If you’re super excited to move to South America, we can totally understand why. You’ll be even more pumped after talking with the team at The Moving Company! As New Zealand’s leaders in global moving services, they’ve moved countless Kiwis to South America and have the skills and knowledge to get you there too. With affordable rates and reliable service, get in touch with The Moving Company for a quote today.

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