10 Tips for Relocating to Australia With Your Family


Moving to Australia with your family is going to bring a whole bunch of positive changes for everyone. You should be excited and ready to embrace a new country and a new start. So, what about the basics, before we start getting philosophical? Here are our top 10 tips for relocating to Australia with your family.

Discuss it with your family

Moving across the street is a big life event, let alone moving to a different country! Having a big discussion with your family about the move to Australia is important. Talk about all the benefits of moving there and discuss the changes you’ll experience.

Consider the best suburbs for family life

You may be moving for a job, so you won’t have much choice in which city you live. You can definitely choose the right suburb for a family though, and all Aussie cities have great options for families.

Detailed plan

Come up with a detailed plan before you buy your plane ticket. What schools will the kids attend? How far is the commute to work? These questions should be addressed before you head off.

Allow plenty of time

Moving can often be a race against time and you’ve often got less time on your hands when you move with children. Starting early will guarantee you a head start in the race.

Turn it into an adventure

It may seem a little untruthful to dress up the moving journey as an ‘adventure’, but it’s a great way to put a positive light on the moving journey, likely to influence your children’s perspective of the move.

Reward your kids

Rewarding your kids for helping out or for accepting the move so bravely is a great way to help them manage the move. If they can move internationally, they can do anything!

Reward yourself!

Moving isn’t easy for parents either, so make sure you’ve got a bit of ‘you time’ and reward yourself for the big achievement of moving to Australia with your family.

Small things

Sometimes all it takes for the younger members of your family to be settled is the small things. A favourite toy or blanket, or something of the sort.

Get rid of stuff

There are probably tons of things that you have no use for anymore. Give it to charities or those in need!

Choose a quality moving team

The biggest tip for moving to Australia with your family is to choose a top-notch moving team. This takes the stress out of moving, big time!

If you’re relocating to Australia with your family, make sure you hire a moving team that’s experienced in across-the-ditch moves. The Moving Company have moved countless Kiwi families to Australia and can help you out too. Call The Moving Company for a quote today ph: 0800 668 464.

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