Five Moving Tips to Make Life Simple

Five Moving Tips to Make Life Simple

It’s easy to stress yourself out when moving houses. One minute, you think that everything’s going fine. Then, there’s a last minute change of plan. And then, you’re lying on the couch, breathing heavily into a paper bag. Just relax – everything is going to be fine if you employ these five easy moving tips which will make life a lot simpler during the move.

1) Plan ahead

In high school, most of us left assignments until the very last minute – every single time. And it was a mistake – every single time. Hopefully, if you didn’t gain anything from that geography assignment, you did learn a valuable lesson about planning ahead. Be proactive in your planning of the move. Give yourself plenty of time and don’t get into that ‘I’ll-do-it-tomorrow’ mindset. That’s when time escapes us!

2) Do what you can, now

You’re not expected to pack up all your belongings a month before moving day. But there are loads of things that you can do. Calling up your energy providers and giving them your new address and the moving date is one of those things that can be crossed off your list, weeks prior to the moving day. Packing up things that you’re not constantly using, like your book collection or framed photographs, is another good idea.

3) Clean your items before packing them

Make sure you get the dust off your belongings before they go into the moving van. This will help keep your new place super tidy, and give you a nice, fresh start to living in your new pad.

4) Clean your new place before moving in

If your new home is within driving distance, it might be a good idea to head over and give it a good old clean before you unpack your belongings. Some of the major areas that might need a once-over include your kitchen draws, your bathroom and your floorboards or carpet. This saves you the madness of trying to unpack your stuff while also attempting to clean your new home.

5) Label your boxes clearly

Sure, you could write ‘Jake’s stuff’ on one of your moving boxes. But what does this actually tell your moving team about the contents of the box? Is it fragile stuff? Valuable stuff? Make sure your labels have a purpose and clearly tell your moving team how to handle each box.

When you follow these five easy tricks, you won’t be needing that paper bag to breathe into! In fact, you’ll feel the weight come right off your shoulders. Another way to make life simple is to hire a top notch moving team like The Moving Company. They guarantee a professional service at a competitive price, treating your stuff like it’s their own. Call up The Moving Company and grab yourself a quote!

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