Essential Items to Buy Before Moving into a New Home

Essential Items to Buy Before Moving into a New Home

We all know the feel of forgetting something you tried so hard to remember to bring with you. Rewind to 2020, in the height of COVID restrictions. You went to the supermarket, but you forgot your mask and had to drive all the way home to get it. Sweet as. Moving house is an even bigger deal than that: you certainly don’t want to forget something like a bath towel when moving home and then be stranded, cold and wet, when you take your first shower in the new house. So, let’s try to avoid that situation and nut out a list of essential items to buy before moving house.

Garbage bags

Where are you going to chuck all the rubbish and debris that is inevitably created when unpacking your new home? In a bunch of large garbage bags, of course! It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget the humble garbage bag roll amidst the excitement of moving homes. Grab a couple at shops next time you’re there!

Stanley knife

Ever tried moving homes without a Stanley knife? Don’t – it’s frickin’ impossible. You don’t want to be that guy, murdering a moving box with a butter knife because it’s the only tool you could find. Locate your Stanley knife, or go out and buy one from a local hardware store.

Toilet paper

When nature calls, you don’t want to be without this stuff. Grab a carton of it and stock your bathroom with it accordingly!

Basic tools

While you’re not going to be knocking down walls or drilling holes just yet, you will need a few basic tools to get by when moving house. Screwing the legs back on the couch, putting together your bed frame and putting up pictures are all tasks that require a handy screwdriver or hammer.


If you take any medications, make sure you have enough to last you on moving day. You definitely don’t want to be running out on the big day, which can already be stressful enough! The only thing that’d make it more stressful is a little side-mission to the emergency room, amidst the huff and puff of moving. Make sure you have aspirin or ibuprofen on hand as well.


You’re going to need to celebrate once your stuff is in your new home! Make sure you grab a bottle of your favourite sparkling to crack open and celebrate.

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