10 Tips for Moving Long Distance

10 Tips for Moving Long Distance

Starting a new, exciting job? Uniting with the love of your life? Seeking a change of pace in life? Moving long distance is something we need to do for all of those things and it’s one of the most exciting yet challenging periods of our life. The rewards of moving long distance are endless and you’ll soon be settled in your new town, making loads of progress. But before you’re kicking goal after goal, you have to get the moving process right! Here are our top tips to help you with that.

10 Tips for Moving Long Distance

1) Do your research

Doing your research is key to succeeding. What is life like in your new town? What are the accommodation options? What are the job opportunities like? Think this through before packing up.

2) Consider your situation

Who else is joining you on your adventure? Are you moving as a family, or flying solo? This will lead you to look for suburbs with good schools, or suburbs that suit your lifestyle.

3) Start planning

It’s time to start the planning process. Lock in your dates, tell your current employers and your loved ones about the move.

4) Give yourself plenty of time

Moving can often be a race against time. Long distance moves are especially time-consuming as more research needs to be done.

5) Stay positive

While it may be a bit stressful, or even a bit scary, you need to keep your eyes on the prize. Why are you moving and what are the big benefits that will come from it? Keep reminding yourself of them.

6) Enlist some help

Help can be found everywhere: your friends, your family – even your kids if you have some! Your loved ones understand how important this move is to you, and will be happy to assist.

7) Purge your belongings

If there’s anything you don’t need for your next abode, then now’s the time to purge it! This will make the move a lot easier with a lot less stuff to keep track of.

8) Think about the big things

Think about life in your new town: will you need a car there, or do you think it’s appropriate to sell your car? If you’re living in a big city with great public transport, it might not be necessary to take your vehicle.

9) Ask your new employer for help

Employers can be especially generous during the moving process, helping with temporary accommodation, transport and settling in. Don’t be afraid to ask!

10) Choose a quality moving team

And finally, choose an awesome team of movers who are renowned for their long distance moving services. The Moving Company are especially good at this, being able to help you move anywhere in New Zealand, Australia, and even beyond! Europe, America, South America and Asia are all within their scope of services. Grab a quote from The Moving Company and take the first step towards a brand new life.

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