5 Ways to Show Your Movers You Care

5 Ways to Show Your Movers You Care

We New Zealanders are known for our easy-going nature and welcoming attitude. So, that’s why it’s important to show this when moving homes, extending our hospitality to our moving team. Showing your movers that you care about them doesn’t mean you have to greet them with a kiss and a cuddle. Please, don’t do that, no matter how handsome they are. It simply means being courteous, polite and practical when they arrive to do their job. Here are five great ways to show your movers you care… without any bodily contact.

1) Be polite

It’s a common courtesy: be polite to your movers! Greet them with a hello, let them know where the bathroom is, make them feel welcome in your home. You don’t have to go above and beyond, and you don’t have to act hyper nice, either – that can come across as a little creepy. Just be friendly and treat your movers like real human beings.

2) Have water available

Movers will often have their own water bottles but, just in case, it’s a good idea to offer water. Moving boxes and furniture all day is thirsty work and dehydration is a big risk for movers. Offering them some water is a great way to show you care. In the hotter months, offering a hydration ice block is an even better way!

3) Be prepared

One thing that movers can’t stand is unpreparedness. Boxes that are half-packed up, rugs that are in the way, people who are still asleep on a couch that needs moving (trust us, it’s happened before): these are all the things that your movers don’t want to have to deal with when trying to move your belongings. Make sure you’ve got a thorough checklist of things to do before the moving day, and complete them beforehand.

4) No surprises!

Some people love surprises. Movers do not. In fact, it’s the thing they dislike most in the world, other than mosquitos. Goddamn mosquitos. Anyway, don’t surprise your moving team with an extra couch, wardrobe or, heaven forbid, billiards table.

5) Let them conduct the operation

They’re in charge, so let them do their thing. They’ve spent years and years honing their craft of moving boxes and furniture and they have special methods of doing it. Don’t be that guy who questions their processes – they know what they’re doing. So, just sit back, relax, and let your movers do what they need to do.

When you care about your movers, your movers will care about you! The Moving Company are one of the most caring, dedicated and experienced moving teams in New Zealand. They treat every home as if it were their own. For an affordable, professional service, grab a quote from The Moving Team and move up in the world!

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