5 Reasons to Move to Australia

We Kiwis have always had a fascination with the land across the ditch. It’s warmer, bigger and has a larger population. But these aren’t the only reasons why you should consider moving to Australia – there are a whole bunch of great reasons which convince thousands of Kiwis to make the move each year. Here are our top 5 reasons to move to Australia.

1) Work opportunities

Possibly the biggest reason why Kiwis’ love Australia is the work opportunities. There’s a greater demand for jobs, such as construction, IT, mining, hospitality and retail. Positions are generally more available, and salaries are generally higher. If you’re looking to make the next big move in your career, then heading to Australia is likely a great decision.

2) Family life

Family life in Australia is almost unbeatable. Whether you decide to live in an inner-city suburb, the countryside or beach, there are plenty of good schools in every part of the country. There are also lots of parks, football fields and playgrounds for your kids to run around, stay active and experience a true Australian childhood.

3) Perfect weather

We couldn’t write an article on reasons to move to Australia without mentioning the perfect weather! Each place has its own specific climate but, generally, summers are nice and warm while winters are mild. In Sydney, for example, winter highs are rarely below 16 degrees during the day, and summers highs are usually around 30 degrees.

4) Amazing chances for road trips

The great Australian road trip is something most Kiwis dream about. As one of the largest countries by mass in the world, Australia was born to be explored. Popular road trips include the Great Ocean Road, which features the Twelve Apostles and The Nullarbor, which features the longest straight road in Australia.

5) It’s easy and stress-free

One of the best things about moving to Australia? It’s so easy! Being a Kiwi means you don’t need a lot of documentation to be able to enter and work in the country.

Being in such close proximity to New Zealand, it’s also really cost effective to move your belongings over there… if you choose the right team of movers, that is!

The Moving Company are your team of choice for moving to Australia. They’ve shipped countless Kiwis across the ditch, helping them to set up in their new homes. Get in touch with The Moving Company to grab a quote today.

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