5 Reasons To Move To San Francisco

San Franciso

Picture yourself sitting on one of the famous trams, gliding through the city on your way to work? Or how about crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to visit some friends on the other side of town? Raising your children in a vibrant, diverse neighbourhood where they get to experience a happy childhood and a great education?

Sounds like you need to move to San Francisco, California. A city full of great job opportunities in new industries; of excitement and eventfulness; of history and innovation. So, if this all sounds like it’s up your alley, here are 5 more reasons to call San Fran your new home.

1) The lifestyle

San Francisco is one of the most liveable cities in the United States. Not only is San Francisco a bustling metropolitan hub with a population of 4.7 million people, facilitating a super cosmopolitan lifestyle, but it’s also a region of amazing natural beauty. In fact, San Fran is often called ‘Everybody’s Favourite City’ due to its great quality of life.

The Muir Woods, Mount Tamalpais, and Angel Island are three of San Fran’s most famous natural wonders, giving you the true Northern California experience – hiking, biking, camping, and swimming. When you live in San Francisco, you really get the best of both worlds.

2) The job market

Finding a job in San Francisco is easy if you’re in the right field. It’s one of the great tech capitals of the world, with an endless list of companies such as Apple, Google, Meta, Visa, Airbnb and so many more being based in San Fran or neighbouring Silicon Valley. The money isn’t too bad either; San Francisco and Silicon Valley have the highest median income in the USA, sitting at a healthy $123,000.

If you’re not in tech, don’t worry – there are plenty of other industries that are booming in San Francisco, like hospitality, retail, healthcare, apparel, and more.

3) The atmosphere

San Francisco has a reputation for being a progressive and accepting city. Beginning in the 1960s with significant immigration, the gay rights movement, and opposition to the Vietnam War, San Francisco is today a melting pot of all kinds of different people. Raising kids in San Francisco means they’ll grow up making friends with a diverse bunch of kids – naturally learning to view everybody equally.

4) The weather

Moist, mild winters, and warm, dry summers make up San Francisco’s Mediterranean climate. It’s the perfect place if you like a well-rounded climate; it rarely gets below 8 degrees Celsius in winter, or higher than 34 degrees Celsius in summer.

5) The Moving Company

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