Is Moving to Europe Right for You?

Europe is one of the most magical, diverse continents in the world. There are so many countries to explore, so many different cultures to embrace, and so many beautiful cities to fall in love with.

But being ‘wowed’ isn’t the only reason why you’re probably a little fascinated with moving to Europe and whether or not it’s the right move for you. There are high-paying jobs, good job opportunities, great places to raise kids, and a high quality of life, generally wherever you go.

So, if you came to this post to well and truly answer the question of whether you’re ready to move to Europe, here’s what the experts at The Moving Company have to say.

Which country are you thinking of moving to?

‘Moving to Europe’ is a very broad idea. There are a total of 44 countries in Europe, each with a different culture, language, and overall way of life. For example, moving to Switzerland (one of Europe’s richest countries) is going to be a very different experience to moving to Moldova (one of Europe’s poorest countries). That’s not to say that one will necessarily be better than the other, but one may be better suited to your personal situation.

The key to this question is to do extensive research on the country and city you’re moving to. You know what they say about failing to prepare – you’re preparing to fail!

Are you looking for great job opportunities?

Maybe you’ve already been offered your dream job and it looks great in every single aspect. If this is the case, then what are you waiting for? Moving to Europe will be a highly rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. But if you haven’t lined up a job yet, you’ll be relieved to know that there are many industries that are in need of more workers. From IT to healthcare, you might find that your dream job is ready and waiting: and it’s somewhere in Europe.

Are you wanting more options for travel?

It’s no secret that moving to Europe comes with limitless options for travel in your free time. We love New Zealand, but it’s definitely a little far away from the rest of the world. When you move to Europe, on the other hand, you’re just a two-hour flight from one side to the other! Head to Spain for a weekend, spend the summer holidays in Italy, and check out Munich for Oktoberfest… your options are limitless.

So, what’s the verdict? Are you ready to stroll the streets of Spain? Frolic in France? Gallivant through Germany? Call the international relocation experts at The Moving Company when you’re ready to move. They’ve handled countless international moves, shipping Kiwis and their belongings to countries across Europe. They pride themselves on delivering the most reliable and stress-free move for the best price. Get a free no-obligation quote from The Moving Company today.

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