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The Moving Company

Global Memberships & Accreditations

The Moving Company has long established memberships with the best moving industry associations worldwide, and is proud to have achieved prestigious accreditations in the international moving industry.

FIDI Global Alliance Member & FAIM Accredited

The Moving Company is a member of FIDI, a global alliance of professional, international moving and relocation companies specialising in moving household goods and personal effects globally, to the best quality standards. Membership is currently 600+ companies spanning the entire world.

FAIM Accreditation has been achieved by The Moving Company since the programme induction to the global moving industry in 2002. The FAIM-FIDI Accredited International Mover Quality Management programme is a rigorous quality certification programme and is the only programme dedicated exclusively to the international moving industry.

As a member of the FIDI Global Alliance, The Moving Company is independently assessed by Ernst & Young every three years to ensure compliance with the stringent demands of FIDI’s quality benchmark. This is what makes the difference – genuine commitment to quality, independently assessed and certified to the highest standard.

Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI) Member

The Moving Company is one of two New Zealand shareholders of OMNI, which represents the cream of the worlds moving industry – 260 companies spanning 60 countries. OMNI is a network dedicated to offering the finest moving services available through the closest possible co-operation.

OMNI adds value to our business and to our customers, through choice from the world's very best moving businesses, allowing partnerships that have been formed over many years of business to provide our customers with the best standard of international moving available.

South African International Movers Association (SAIMA) Member

SAIMA is the national member association in South Africa for FIDI. Through FIDI, affiliates of SAIMA enjoy partner relationships with other FIDI members worldwide.

Services between South Africa and New Zealand are performed with the same high quality standards and expertise at both origin and destination countries, ensuring sound trading practices and protection plans for customers of The Moving Company.

International Movers Association (IAM) Member

The International Movers Association (formerly Household Goods Forwarder's Association of America, Inc.) is one of the larger global organisations for freight forwarding, moving and shipping companies in the world.

Membership exceeds 2000 moving companies globally and offers a simple process to become a member, allowing access to the USA market.

0800 668 464
0800 668 464