How Do You Organise an Office Move?


If you’re moving to a new office, first of all, congrats! It will instil a whole new feeling of confidence in the business, and it represents a fresh start for your team. So, second of all, how are you going to do it? Grab some of your mates with a ute and pay them in pizza and beer? Unfortunately, moving an office isn’t as easy as moving out of home for the first time. In this post, we’ll tell you how to organise an office move.

Consult an expert

Talking to a professional mover is one of the best things you can do before the move. They’ll help you come up with a clear and effective plan of what needs to be done during the move and how to do it.

Choose an office leader

Now it’s time to choose the best person to lead the move. This person needs to be able to handle pressure and be incredibly organised. The move coordinator will be across each and every step of the move.


Now it’s time to take on the role of office dictator. Nah, not really. Just start giving your team specific roles during the move. When each employee has a job to do in the lead up to the move, you’ll feel less stressed, and the load will be taken off your shoulders.


Make a logical timeline of the key dates for your move and let your office know about it. What day does your current lease expire? When is your moving date? When are you signing the new lease? Also, consider the dates you need to organise utilities. Write these up chronologically.

Publicise it

Now you get to brag about how you’re moving to a fancy new place. Come up with a list of names of who to notify that you’ve relocated your office. Create new business cards with your new address on them. Also, get across your social media platforms to let everybody know.

Re-consult your moving team

Before moving day, you should touch base with your relocation team. You’ll confirm the plan with them so that the process is as seamless as possible. You and your moving team will have a mutual understanding of what’s being moved, when it’s being moved and where it’s going to go.

Then, once everything is moved, it’s time to organise an office-warming party! It’s the best way to kick off the new chapter of your office and to christen the new building. If you need a top-quality moving team, The Moving Company are New Zealand’s experts in all sorts of moves, including commercial ones. They can get your business from one place to another with no stress and no setbacks. Call up The Moving Company to organise your office move and to grab a free quote for it today.

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