How Do You Pack a House to Move Fast?


There could be a few reasons why you need to pack a house to move fast. You might have been a bit of a silly billy and left the packing until the last minute. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Alternatively, you may be the head of an international crime syndicate and need to pack up and head to a remote Caribbean island pronto. If this is the case, please note we do not condone your behaviour. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take if you need to pack a house to move quickly, and that’s what we’ll address in this article.

Hire a mover quickly

The very first step you should take when moving houses in a hurry is to contact your moving company. Don’t worry about sitting on a few quotes before you book – you don’t have time for that. Just call up the most reliable moving company (*cough* The Moving Company) and book in with them. Every second wasted in this decision could cost you in the long term – you may not be able to get a booking for your preferred day.

Be crafty

You probably don’t have time to go out and source some high-quality wrapping and packing paper. Even if you do, we encourage you to be crafty and use what you’ve got. Towels and socks are the perfect makeshift option for wrapping delicate materials. They’re soft and prevent your stuff from scratching or being damaged. And you don’t have to worry about packing them separately.

Forget about categorising

With time on your hands, sure, it’d be ideal to keep all the kitchenware together, all the bathroom goods together, etc. But when you’re trying to pack a house to move fast, you’ve got to throw that stuff out the window. Pack whatever fits wherever, even if that means you use your kitchen pots to hold your underwear… provided they’re clean, of course.

Ask your moving company what they can do for you

Time still an issue for you? Don’t stress, there’s an option for you. Most top-quality moving companies will be able to take on some additional tasks for you, other than transporting your boxes in their trucks. A full-service move includes packing, transporting and unpacking, meaning you have to do less work and it all gets done in a shorter space of time.

Moving in a hurry is often out of our control. Sure, it can seem like a headache at first, but it’s important to keep your cool and simply get on with the show. The Moving Company are one of New Zealand’s best moving teams. It doesn’t matter where you’re moving to; they can get you across the street or across the world. For a quick and stress-free move, contact The Moving Company today and get a quote (in a hurry, of course).

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