How to Choose a Removal Company for Your Next Move


In the age of information, it can be hard to know you’re choosing the right business for whatever service you need. Our Google searches are flooded with results and ads, making it difficult to narrow down the best candidate for the job. So, when it comes to choosing a house removals company, what should you be looking for? In this post, we’ll run you through it.


Like all industries, experience goes a long way. It’s no different for removalists – the more experienced they are, the more likely they’re competent to do the job. Packing and moving are skills that take practice and the more experienced one is at something, the better they get at it. However, experience isn’t always everything. A younger moving team could be more enthusiastic or motivated about the work, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a house removals company.


Reviews are also important when choosing a removalist team. One of the best things about the internet is that you can see what previous customers think about a business. Are the reviews good? Do they seem genuine? Are there many negative reviews? Take into account all of these questions and you’ll find the right moving team for the job.


Competitive pricing is essential when choosing a house removals company. We’re not saying you should go for the cheapest option – that could often be some guy on an online marketplace who has no insurance and a dodgy Ford Transit. But we don’t encourage paying more for a lesser quality move either. Get a few different quotes for your house move and take them all into account before choosing one.

Professional branding

Anyone can say that they’re a professional removalist – even if they’re just one bloke with a van. But the chances are if their rates are a bit lower than an established business, you’re going to get a lower quality moving experience too. An established business with professional branding is more likely to do a better job. There’s a reason why they’ve been able to grow into the company they are today, and that’s through being a reliable moving company with hard-working and dedicated employees.

Like all things, the best way to choose a house removals company for your next move is to do a bit of research. By taking into account the experience, reviews, pricing and branding of a moving company, you’ll be able to pick a quality team that does a fantastic job of your move. If you’re stuck and need a suggestion, go with The Moving Company! They’re one of New Zealand’s most trusted moving teams who can move you across the street, or across the world! For a reliable and affordable service, grab a free quote from The Moving Company today.

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