Temporary Storage for When You’re Moving House


How did your house accrue so much stuff? It’s crazy to think that 200 years ago, our ancestors would have had a bed, a table, some chairs, and not much else. Now, if that’s the extent of your possessions, you’re considered some weird hippy minimalist. While it’s great that we’ve developed as a society and can now fill our house with furniture, it does make the task of moving houses slightly more difficult. If you can’t take all the furniture to your new place, where is it going to go?

Luckily, some genius invented a highly complex and intricate theory of ‘temporary storage’. Well, no, not really – it’s just common sense! If you can’t grab all your stuff during the move, then your friendly moving team should have temporary storage spaces for you. Here’s how to take advantage of temporary storage while moving house.

Not enough space in the new place

If you’re moving to a smaller place or having trouble coming up with a floor plan that fits all of your possessions, then that’s the perfect time to take advantage of temporary storage. Just tell your moving team what you need to take to the storage facility, and they’ll take it there. Then, when you’ve figured out what you’re going to do with your remaining furniture, you’re able to take it out of storage whenever you like.

Not enough time to move everything

If you haven’t got enough time to mentally plan where all your stuff is going to go in the new place, don’t stress! You should make the most of your moving company’s temporary storage options. There’s no point trying to cram all your stuff in your new place, and then not being able to move around. A cluttered house like this prevents you from thinking clearly and stops you from coming up with a logical floor plan. That’s why you can put your excess stuff in temporary storage until you’ve settled and have enough time to come up with a concise layout for your new pad.


The best part is, once you’re ready to take your stuff out of storage, you can get your moving team to deliver it to you. This saves you from taking time out of your busy day to move stuff and saves you from organising another way of getting it to your house. The process is as streamlined as possible.

Taking advantage of temporary storage while moving house is a must. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a few paintings to store or a number of sofas – the best way to get around spacing issues is to take advantage of temporary storage. The Moving Company are one of New Zealand’s best moving teams and they have state-of-the-art storage facilities. Their facilities are large, secure and come at super competitive rates. Get in contact with The Moving Company for a stress-free move and affordable storage options today.

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