How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Mover?

Moving homes is a pretty amazing phenomenon if you think about it. You gather up all your belongings, hire people to load them into a truck, and then transport them to a new location where they’re unpacked… and then, life goes on.

It’s something that many living creatures decide to do – not just us humans. Whether we’re talking about a bird finding a new nest, a hermit crab finding a new shell, or a human looking for a more suitable home, moving is a fact of life.

But just because it’s inevitable, doesn’t mean we can’t look for the best value deal when moving. In fact, it’s one way to save money in the long term and experience the smoothest move possible, reducing stress. Here’s what to consider when working out the costs associated with hiring a good quality local mover:

Where are you heading to?

Where you’re moving to makes a big difference when it comes to cost. Moving across the road will cost you a lot less than moving to another country. But wherever you’re going, you want the best team of movers for the job.

Distance plays a big role in price due to a couple of obvious factors: 1) the further you go, the more fuel you’re using and additional modes of transport, e.g., ship or plane for overseas moves and 2) the longer your movers have to work.

What are you taking?

Another big factor is what you’re taking and how much of it you’re taking. The more you’re moving the more the move will cost. For example, when moving overseas a sole-use container will cost more than a shared container.

Hire movers who are specialists in these items, no matter where you’re going

If you’re moving with specialty items such as rare pieces of furniture, artwork, collectables, vintage instruments and pianos this may also increase the cost of your move due to the custom crating that is built to protect your prized possessions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to a new suburb or a new country – you don’t want to risk damaging your specialty belongings by hiring movers who are inexperienced with special items.

The Moving Company are experts with specialty items like the ones mentioned above, as well as many more. Their international packing standards for delicate, collectable and heirloom items are next to none, ensuring that your items will arrive exactly as they were packed.

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