How Much Do Movers Cost in 2022? Moving Costs Explained

Moving in 2022 is something many of us are wanting to do. After being cooped up in our neighbourhoods, our homes, or even as small a space as our rooms for at least some period of time over the past couple of years, we’re well and truly ready to break out and go to other places.

Whether you’re moving to a new suburb for a freshen up, a new city for a job, or internationally for an entirely new chapter of life, you’re going to need one thing: a top-quality moving team.

While moving costs are kind of inevitable, they’re still a big consideration when choosing a moving team. And although every move is different, we totally encourage you to choose a team of movers who will provide you with the best quality service for the best value.

Value is key

Value is where your dollar goes further. It doesn’t mean the cheapest team of movers who end up losing your stuff, but the movers who offer the right moving solutions for you.

Local moves

Local, same-city moves are by far the most common. Every year, thousands of Kiwis move houses within their own city, wanting a better house or location. If you’re in this boat, some of the main factors to consider regarding price include:

  • How much stuff do you have?
    Are you moving as a single person with a bedframe, mattress, and couch, or are you moving as a family of five? The more stuff you have to relocate the more your move with cost.
  • How many movers are needed?
    The more items you have the more movers you’ll need. Will your household effects fit into one furniture moving truck or will they need two! The good news is moving companies such as The Moving Company have purpose-built moving trucks that can hold up to three households in a single journey!
  • How far are you going?
    Moving a couple of streets away won’t take as long as moving to a suburb that’s far away from your current residence. This is purely down to added trip time.

Inter-city moves

Moving to a new city in New Zealand? Congrats! Here are the things you’ve got to consider when moving inter-city, along with some of the factors mentioned above.

  • Same island, or different island?
    Moving your stuff to a city on the same island is cheaper than moving it across the cook straight. This is because inter-island moves require your belongings to be shipped via ferry.
  • Need storage?
    Don’t forget to factor in the cost of storage if it’s something you need. The Moving Company offers storage for local and inter-city moves in various locations across NZ.

International moves

Finally, we come to moving internationally. Just like local and intercity moves, there are many factors that contribute to price including, location, quantity of items, packing requirements, and storage. But the main consideration for moving internationally is where you are going.

  • Where are you heading?
    There’s a big difference in price between moving across the ditch to Australia, versus moving halfway around the world to Europe, for example. The further away you get, generally the more expensive it is to move.

If you’re planning an upcoming move, get in touch with the team at The Moving Company for personalised moving solutions that suit your moving need. They specialise in local, inter-city, and international moves, moving thousands of kiwis across NZ and around the globe every year. Call 0800 668 464 or get a free no-obligation quote here.

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