Moving to Christchurch? This Guide Is For You

Whether you’re moving to Christchurch for a short time or a long time, there are certain things that you should know and follow to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. These tips will also help you make sure you have a great time living in this wonderful city.

Plan Your City Exploration In Christchurch

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand and has a lot to offer. It is worth exploring the city to find out more about its culture, history, and what it has to offer. You’ll be pleased to know that the city has a great range of activities to suit your interests. The city’s main attractions are in the central city, but there are also plenty of options for exploring the surrounding area.

The centre of the city is dominated by the Cathedral Square. This is where you’ll find the landmark Anglican cathedral, Christ Church. While this church is now in ruins, you can still enjoy the surrounding area.

The city centre also features the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, which is an inner city haven for exotic plants. It is also home to the Christchurch Museum. This museum has over 2.3 million items in its collection. 

There are also plenty of parks and public open spaces throughout the city. Hagley Park, a central green space, is perfect for sports and open air concerts. And if looking for institutes for further education, The University of Canterbury is situated within the city centre, and offers a wide range of courses for study. 

The Advantages of a Moving Checklist

Using a moving checklist is an excellent way to help you avoid last-minute errands and get your home ready for the move. It also helps you focus and keep your belongings organised, without making mistakes when you receive household goods.

You can find a moving checklist online, or you can create your own. You may need to run through the checklist several times to make sure you are ready for the move. If you are unsure of some of the items, it is always a good idea to call your move coordinator.

Your checklist should include essential and non-essential items. 

  • Essentials include things like clothing, toiletries, dinnerware, and electronics.
  • Non-essentials include things like home decor items, books, and toiletries.

Other considerations are:

  • If you have pets, you need to consider their needs in the moving process. It is a good idea to research veterinarians and dog parks in your new area.
  • You should also make sure you have extra cash on hand.
  • Check the new address with utility companies and service providers. It is important to activate your utilities before you arrive. If possible visit your new home and look around!
  • You should also take pictures of your new home and get any records transferred to your new home.
  • You may also want to contact your old doctors to get recommendations for your new community.

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