How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Ever wish you could give the earth a great, big hug? So do we! If being eco-friendly is at the top of your mind, then we’re going to get along just fine. Moving houses can, sadly, involve creating waste and contributing to landfill which is something we want to avoid wherever possible. Luckily, there are certain ways of making your move eco-friendly in lots of different areas, so let’s get stuck into them below.

Use recycled boxes

Instead of buying cardboard boxes that weren’t made from recycled materials, try finding some that were. If this isn’t possible, ask around your friends if they can spare any that would otherwise be going into the bin. Local bottle shops can also be a good place to source boxes. An eco-caring moving team should be able to supply 100% recycled cardboard boxes too.

Choose a greener energy provider

Dealing with energy providers, and their incessant customer service teams, is probably the last thing you want to do in your spare time, but c’mon – do it for the planet! Choosing a more environmentally conscious energy provider is something you’ve probably considered before, and moving house is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Donate the stuff you don’t want

Purging stuff when moving to a new place is a great feeling; it’s even better when you donate the things you don’t want! By responsibly donating things that are still perfectly usable, like clothes, toys and furniture, you’re saving a heap of stuff from going into landfill. And besides, there’s always a smiling elderly lady standing behind the counter of your local op-shop – and if her gratitude doesn’t make your day, we’re not sure what will!

Use towels instead of bubble wrap (where possible)

You can’t use towels to wrap everything, but they can be a great way to save a bit of bubble wrap. Plus, you’re saving the use of a separate container for the towels. Consult you’re moving team before using a towel to wrap certain objects because some things need the extra padding of bubble wrap.

Go paperless

Never use paper EVER again! No, we’re only kidding. Going paperless means that, when you change your address on your licence, your energy bills and your insurance policies, you select the option of wanting email notifications only. Think about all the paper you receive in the mail, only to be thrown out once you’ve read it. Going paperless saves all those trees from being cut down!

You’ll feel great about your move when you implement these easy eco-friendly tips. The Moving Company are constantly changing and adapting their operations to be more and more environmentally conscious. They’ve helped dozens of eco-conscious Kiwis, like yourself, move from one hermit crab shell to another. And the best part? They do this affordably and reliably! Grab a quote from The Moving Team, for a greener move, today.

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