How to Pack Breakables so They Don’t Get Broken

How to Pack Breakables

Packing your breakables is more complicated than you’d think. You chuck ‘em in a box, wrap ‘em up in some newspaper, thinking that you’ve nailed it: next thing you know, you unpack them and they look like they’ve stopped off at a Greek wedding along the way. So, how do we avoid this and keep your breakables fully intact during the moving process? Here’s a few top tips for packing your delicate items!

Don’t over-pack!

Rule number one when it comes to packing fragile items: don’t over-pack them. We get it – the avid Tetris player inside you wants to efficiently cram as much stuff in the same box as possible. But when it comes to breakables, you have to turn down that side of you and play it safe. Less cramming means there’s less pressure on your delicate items and less chance of them breaking.

Invest in newer boxes

Old boxes may look just as usable as new ones but, the truth is, they’re not! Think about it: they’re made from cardboard, not a solid material like wood or steel. The shelf life of a cardboard box isn’t that long. Ask your moving team about grabbing some newer boxes to store your breakables in.

Blanket/Wrap/Pillow method

This method is a decent alternative if you’re packing things yourself and not getting your movers to do it for you. First, line your box with a blanket. Next, wrap each delicate item separately in bubble wrap. Then, place them in the box with a pillow on top to prevent movement. It can be a tricky one to get right, but if you’re not getting professional movers to pack your breakables for you, it can work out for you.

Label them correctly

Make sure you label your fragile boxes as ‘fragile’. This way, your movers know that they need to go on top of the other boxes in the moving van. You can see why it’s important to get this step right – if you mistakenly labelled your box of anvils (because everybody has a collection of anvils) as fragile, they may be placed on top of your wine glasses in the moving truck.

Get your movers to do it for you

Professional movers are seasoned experts in packing fragile items. So, if you really want the peace of mind, ask your moving team about packing your fragile items. It also frees up your time and allows you to focus on other parts of the move!

The Moving Company can help you out big time when packing delicate items. They handle each plate, wine glass and framed picture as if it were a baby that needed to be gently rocked to sleep. Well, maybe not that intense, but you get the idea. The Moving Company are New Zealand’s best team of movers and packers, so have a chat with the team today.

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