Moving from Wellington to Melbourne: Tips & Expert Advice

Moving from Wellington to Melbourne

Ready to immerse yourself in culture? Visit some of Australia’s best galleries? Eat and drink at some of the Southern Hemisphere’s best restaurants and cafes? It’s time to pack up your bags in Wellington and hang your hat in Melbourne, Australia! Moving to Melbourne is sure to bring a bunch of positive changes in life and a whole range of different experiences too. So, what’s the best way to move from Wellington to Melbourne? Let’s give you a crash course with our tips and expert advice!

Pick a great suburb

Melbourne has a huge population of over 5 million people… that’s a little more than sleepy Wellington. With this information, you can imagine the high number of suburbs that are located within Melbourne. No matter your age, situation and preferences, there’s an appropriate location in Melbourne for you. Hipsters, artists and musicians flock to inner-northern suburbs of Fitzroy, Brunswick and Northcote. Career-focused singles are attracted to the CBD, and South Yarra. Families love spots like Dandenong and Eltham. So, do your research and see what appeals to you.

Inspect your wardrobe

Melbourne isn’t as chilly as Wellington, but it’s known for its colder climate in comparison with the rest of Australia. Keep your jumpers and raincoats for winter and invest in more shorts and t-shirts for summer. Melburnians have a keen eye for fashion – so make sure you blend in with the crowd by treating yourself to some extra trendy threads!

Check out the job market

Melbourne has a vast number of industries that are flourishing. Arts, tourism and hospitality are all industries where you’re more likely to succeed in Melbourne than pretty much anywhere else in Australia. Similar to Wellington, with its cool cafes and artsy vibe, Melbourne is especially known for its coffee and café culture – making it super easy to find a job in hospo.

Get used to traffic

People in Wellington usually start complaining about the traffic once it takes longer than 10 minutes to get somewhere. You’ll have to increase your road rage tolerance once you get to Melbourne! Traffic can be fairly congested if you plan to drive to work within peak hours. Luckily, Melbourne has one of the best public transport systems in Australia, with trams, buses and trains all being available throughout the city.

If you’re dead set on moving from Wellington to Melbourne, we hope these tips have helped you out! Our biggest tip, however, is to choose a top notch moving company who are experts in international moves. The Moving Company are one of New Zealand’s finest, having moved boatloads of Kiwis from Wellington to Melbourne. They’re able to ship all of your belongings, no matter how much or how little stuff you’re taking with you. Grab a super competitive quote from The Moving Company and start your Melbourne experience in the best way possible.

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