How to Pick The Right Removal Company: 5 Things to Consider


Moving house soon? You’ll need a top-quality furniture removals company to do all the heavy lifting and transportation of your large items. There are so many furniture removalists out there that it can be tough to determine who’s the best team for the job. But if you look for a number of qualities in your moving company, you’ll find that you end up with a great bunch of movers and your move will be as easy as pie. To help you out, here are five things to look for in a furniture removals company.

1) They’re competent

The first thing to look for is competence. Your moving team should know exactly how they’re going to tackle your move before arriving and put their plans into practice when they get to your place. A competent team of movers won’t drop your belongings or cause damage to your last house. It should look like nobody was ever there.

2) They’re professional

Professionalism is right up there with things to look for in a moving team. This begins from the moment you call up the desk to ask for a quote. The staff should be super friendly and happy to help. Professionalism from the movers themselves is even more important; they should be punctual, friendly and be able to meet the deadlines.

3) They’re efficient

Efficiency is a must when hiring a furniture removals company. You don’t want your movers to arrive at your place and take their sweet time loading up the truck. You’ve got a big day on your hands and you’re paying these guys by the hour. Efficiency means maximising productivity and doing things logically and ergonomically.

4) They’re great communicators

Communication is a vital quality to look for in your moving company. You should expect your movers to be good communicators who clearly explain how your move is going to work, but also listen to your needs. Good communication involves giving and receiving information well.

5) They give accurate quotes

It can be tough for a company to get quotes exactly right all the time. But when it comes down to it, you don’t want a nasty surprise in your final bill. Look through your moving company’s reviews online and see if anything has been mentioned about their pricing and the accuracy of their quotes. It’s an important part of your moving experience.

Are you feeling a little more confident with selecting a quality furniture removals company for your next move? You should be! Look for these 5 essential qualities and you’ll be right as rain. If you need a suggestion, check out The Moving Company. As one of New Zealand’s best movers, they offer national and international moving services at ultra-competitive rates. For a smooth and reliable moving service, grab a free quote from The Moving Company today.

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