Why Moving Rates Vary

Why Moving Rates Vary

With most things in life, the rates are constantly changing. Think about airfares, petrol prices, taxi fares… the list goes on. Moving rates are another one of those things that vary – and for a good reason. If you’re curious about why moving rates vary, we’re going to explain the different factors that determine the rate of your move.


Don’t be surprised when the same moving company gives you two different quotes for different times. Moving rates can depend on which day of the week you move, the season in which you move, and how much or how little notice you give. Giving your moving and packing company plenty of notice will mean you pay less than if you leave it till the last minute and book the next day. Also consider public holidays and weekends too, which are generally pricier than normal week days.


The relationship between distance and price is a bit of a no-brainer: the further you go, the more it will cost. If you’re moving to Uzbekistan, it’ll set you back a fair bit more than moving to a different city within NZ – that’s a bit of an extreme example. This is because there are more services to pay for, drivers have to work longer and because moving trucks need more fuel as well as maintenance.

How much stuff do you have?

It’ll cost less to move a single person and their cat than a family of five. The single person and their kitty have much less stuff and will probably only require one truck, and one or two trips, in order to move the entire catalogue of their belongings. A family of five usually needs a bit more than that.

Packing material

Don’t risk breaking your items during the move. Always invest in some packing material, even if it’s just for your picture frames, crockery and wine glasses. You can opt for not using packing material, but any moving company will advise against this. Packing materials that your moving company may offer include packing paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, cartons and tape.

Which moving team are you using?

The final reason why moving rates vary: every moving company is different. While we’re all looking for an affordable service, it’s not advisable to go with the absolute cheapest deal on the market. This may in fact be a couple of dudes on Facebook Marketplace who insist that they’re ‘fully sick’ movers, but haven’t the faintest clue of what they’re doing. Choose a reputable moving service – like The Moving Company!

The Moving Company are some of New Zealand’s finest movers and packers. No matter how far or how soon you’re planning to move, they keep their rates affordable for their fellow Kiwis. As Shakira once sang, ‘Whenever, wherever!’ They’ll always be here to help you out. Get in touch with The Moving Team today to take the first step in moving homes.

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