Tips for Moving an Office

Tips for Moving an Office

Moving office can be a drag if you don’t know what you’re doing. Equipment can go missing, things can become confusing, documents could be lost. But if you choose a top moving company and follow their guidance, then moving offices will be a piece of cake and you’ll reap the benefits of an entirely new space – a fresh start, a nicer office and more customers to be gained! So, how do you get your office move right so that your team can thrive in a new location? Follow our tips below!

Find a killer location

You know what they say: location, location, location. Make sure you’ve signed the agreement for your awesome new location so that everything is set in stone. Tell your current property manager that you’re intending to leave and give them an official date. Consider whether you’re breaking a lease, or coinciding with the end of your lease.

Choose a pro commercial moving team

One of the most important decisions is to choose a great moving team who are experienced in office and commercial moves. Their advice and experience is literally worth its weight in gold during this period and they’ll help you come up with a moving plan which is essential for the operation.

Give your employees specific tasks

Make sure your employees are well aware of how the move is going to be orchestrated. Give each employee a role in the lead up to the move. This helps to spread the load and make everybody accountable for one thing or another.

Spread the word!

Now it’s time to start spreading the word of the move. This could include telling clients and partners, suppliers, insurance providers and utility providers. If you have a social media account for the business, like Facebook or Instagram, this is a great platform to get the word across.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

Most offices have a few things that have sat in a corner, unused for a long period of time. Get rid of anything you don’t really use, which will lighten the load when it comes to moving. Then, it’s time to plan the new layout. You should know exactly where each desk, each computer and each piece of equipment is going to go in your new office space – this will save bundles of time, allowing you to set the space up immediately.

IT crowd

Check in with your IT department during the set-up process. This is one of the most crucial parts of moving! If your IT situation isn’t ready to go from day one, you’ll be suffering some major setbacks.

Moving office seems complicated at first, but not when you enlist the help of a pro moving company – like The Moving Company! As one of New Zealand’s best movers, they’ll help you move your business across the street, across the island… heck, even across to Australia if you need it! Let The Moving Company make your office move as smooth as butter. Grab a quote from The Moving Company today.

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