Insurance Advice For Moving House

Insurance may not be the most exciting thing about moving (how can it be, when you’re packing up your belongings and moving to a completely different environment?) but it’s certainly one of the most important.Just like you’d insure the belongings in your home when they’re stationary, it’s especially important to insure them when they’re mobile, and at a greater risk of being damaged.

Even when you choose a top-rated mover like The Moving Company, it’s imperative to get insurance on your belongings in case something unexpected happens. Here is some advice on insurance for moving house:

What does moving insurance cover?

The items that are covered when moving depends on the policy you choose. You can choose to insure almost anything in your home, such as furniture, appliances, china and more.

There are two types of moving insurance:

  1. Comprehensive insurance which covers breaking and physical damage of your items, including cover for pairs and sets.
  2. Restricted insurance which covers damage in the event of a fire, flood or conveying vehicle overturning.

Why moving insurance is important

Your possessions are worth a lot, so having them insured is super important. While The Moving Company has an exceptional reputation for taking great care with your belongings, it’s best to have insurance for when the unexpected or uncontrollable happens.

Read the policy carefully and make sure it’s tailored to your needs

It’s like any other agreement you’d normally enter: read it carefully so that you understand what’s covered, and request further coverage if necessary. A good team of movers should offer insurance options that are tailored to your requirements. This is another cornerstone of insurance at The Moving Company.

Electrical and mechanical derangement

One piece of advice we’d highly encourage you to follow is to make sure you’ve got electrical and mechanical derangement coverage. This is handy if your piece of equipment arrives cosmetically in-tact, but doesn’t turn on or work properly when plugged in.

Electrical and mechanical derangement covers this situation and is especially important for expensive electronic items. TVs, tablets, coffee machines etc.

Invest in premium packing materials

You know the old saying: prevention is better than the cure. Premium packing materials should be offered by your movers so that there’s far less chance of items being damaged during transit.

The Moving Company are one of New Zealand’s most trusted teams for moving insurance. Claims through The Moving Company are rare – but, due to comprehensive and transparent policies, when they are needed, they’re highly successful. The Moving Company are a service-driven business, meaning they look after their customers and wish to create long-term partnerships with them. Request a quote to keep your belongings insured today.

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